How To Install the GMMK Replacement Kit


Install the GMMK Replacement Kit


The GMMK Replacement Kit is compatible with the GMMK 1 Compact, GMMK 2 65%, and GMMK 2 96%.

The rubber feet and flip feet are compatible with the GMMK 1 Full Size, but the USB-C cable is not.

What's in the Box?

• 1× Braided USB-C to USB-A Cable
• 4× Rubber Feet
• 2× Flip Feet

Tools Needed
• Small Flathead Screwdriver or Tweezers
• 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (optional)
• Cotton Swabs (optional)


Rubber Feet

1. Use a small tool, such as a flathead screwdriver or tweezers, to peel off the existing rubber feet.

2. Remove any remaining adhesive with 70% isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab.

3. Peel the backing off of a new rubber foot and align it with the housing.

4. Apply and press firmly with your thumb for 10 seconds to ensure the adhesive is secure.

5. Repeat steps 3-4 with the remaining rubber feet.

Flip Feet

1. Gently pull one of the flip feet out of the keyboard.

2. Insert one side of the new flip foot into the keyboard by aligning the peg.

3. Gently press down until the other side clicks into place. Do not apply a large amount of pressure.

4. Repeat the steps with the other flip foot.

Braided Cable

1. Unplug the old cable from your PC and the keyboard.

2. Plug the USB-C end of the cable into your GMMK.

3. Plug the USB-A end of the cable into an available USB port on your PC.

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Important Notices
• 1-year limited manufacturer warranty
• Small objects could be swallowed.
• Keep out of reach of children below the age of 10.

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