Custom Keyboards 101: Comparing GMMK Builds

Welcome to the world of GMMK, the most customizable mechanical keyboard in the gaming sphere. Discover the benefits of each Glorious keyboard to find the perfect one for you.

Prebuilt Mechanical Keyboards

Prebuilt keyboards are ready to use out of the box, and are easily customizable when you’re ready. Since all GMMKs are hotswappable (no soldering required to swap switches), customizing your keycaps and mechanical switches has never been easier. Ideal for plug and play convenience with the option to personalize down the line.
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Barebones Mechanical Keyboards

The Barebones keyboard is a base without keycaps and switches, which lets you tailor your build’s look and feel right from the start. For GMMK PRO Barebones, customization options are infinite. From stabilizers for fine-tuned key presses, switch plates for refined acoustics, or top frames for vibrant aesthetics – the possibilities are endless. Perfect for the full custom keyboard experience.
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Which Glorious Keyboard is right for you?


For those just getting into custom keyboards, but not quite ready to opt in for the most premium option, the GMMK 2 is the perfect starting point.

Starting at $79.99USD, it is an excellent entry point without compromising on quality. Featuring exceptional build quality, enhanced acoustics, and a customizable design, the GMMK 2 raises the bar, not the price.


The GMMK PRO is an enthusiast-grade custom keyboard with superior build quality. Designed with the highest standards of performance and customization, GMMK PRO allows you to tailor every detail of your board’s look, sound, and feel.

More than just a tool, the GMMK PRO is a sensory experience with its rich acoustics, fully customizable aesthetic, and unmatched tactility.

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