Introducing the GSV2 Stabilizer Upgrade Program

Product News

Feb 22 2022

GMMK PRO owners are eligible for an exclusive discount on GSV2

Thanks to constructive feedback from our community regarding our GOAT stabilizers, we worked hard to develop a new and improved keyboard stabilizer that would live up to the premium standards of the GMMK PRO. Thus, the GSV2s were born.

We are confident GSV2 is a major improvement on the GOATs, and we want to give every GMMK PRO owner the opportunity to try them at a reduced cost. Through this program, existing and future PRO owners are eligible to purchase GSV2 around their base cost of $4.99 + S&H (reduced 50% from $9.99 MSRP). Order them here on

Given the level of improvement of these stabs, we feel selling these at cost is the right thing to do for our customers. Ultimately our goal is to ensure every GMMK PRO owner is getting the best experience possible out of their boards.

Why are the GSV2 better than GOAT stabs?

We’ve redesigned the wire attachment points to create a more solid connection, combatting rattle. The interiors of their housings have been expanded to better accommodate lube. Exterior dimensions have been kept the same to fit most screw-in compatible keyboards.

Overall GSV2 should provide a smoother, more consistent, and premium feeling than GOATs, with less modding required for optimum performance. Results from community beta testing have been overwhelmingly positive.

Note: Standalone GSV2 stabs are sold unlubricated. We recommend lubricating your GSV2 to ensure the best performance possible.

How do I purchase GSV2 with the discount?

For customers purchasing a new GMMK PRO through

• Adding GSV2 stabilizers to a cart with any GMMK PRO Barebones Edition will automatically apply the discount during checkout.

Note: All GMMK PRO Pre-Built Editions come with GSV2 stabilizers already installed.


For existing GMMK PRO owners who ordered through the webstore

• Add the GSV2 to your cart. At checkout, be sure to enter the same email address used when originally ordering your GMMK PRO. Your discount will be automatically applied. You will not see the discount in your cart beforehand.

Note: You do not need a Glorious site account to redeem.


For those who ordered their GMMK PRO from somewhere else

• GMMK PRO owners who purchased through another retailer can reach out to Glorious Customer Support, providing basic proof of purchase for your PRO order (this can be a screenshot, receipt, or similar documentation)

• Our support team will give you a one-time-use discount code that can be applied at checkout.  

• Please make sure to get your code before placing your GSV2 order.

Note: Standard international shipping fees will apply. Discounts will not be given through partner websites.

How do I install GSV2 stabilizers on my PRO?

Installation is quick and straightforward, requiring only a Phillips #00 screwdriver, isopropyl alcohol, and some cotton swabs. Check out our official GSV2 Product Guide for step-by-step instructions.

How many can I redeem?

The discount is limited to 3 units of GSV2s per person. This limit applies to all GMMK PRO owners regardless of the quantity of boards purchased.

Note: Orders of 4 or more sets of GSV2s will discount 3 of the units, and list any additional at full price.

Will this discount program expire?

The GSV2 Upgrade Program is a limited-time offer. Due to unpredictable supply chain considerations, we cannot give an exact expiration date for this discount at this time.

However, it will run for an extended period and we will announce its closure well in advance.

Note: The expiration date will apply to discounts applied automatically and through a code.

What happens if inventory sells out?

We plan to keep GSV2 as a fully in-stock item. However, depending on demand initial availability may be limited. In the event we sell out of stock you’ll be prompted to sign up to receive a notification when it’s available again.

At this time there will be no backorders or reservations, but your discount will not expire until the program ends.

Contact Customer Support

For more information about the GSV2 Upgrade Program, please feel free to contact Glorious Customer Support.  

- Stay Glorious