What are the PRO Mice?

Welcome to the Glorious world of the PRO Series Mice, where precision engineering meets cutting-edge performance. Designed for competitive gamers, our PRO Series Mice focus exclusively on what matters most: unmatched speed and control. Discover the key benefits of these professional gaming mice, and how they differ from our mainline mice.

Mainline Mice

Our mainline mice collection include the Model O, Model D, the Model I. They are tailored to fit the unique style and preferences of every gamer. With a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, three modes of connectivity (Bluetooth 5.2 LE, 2.4 GHz, and Wired) for seamless integration across devices, and vibrant RGB lighting for that personal touch, they are great all-around mice for a wide-range of gamers.
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PRO Series Mice

The PRO Series Mice put performance first. By substituting features like RGB lighting and Bluetooth connectivity for the lowest weights and cutting-edge gaming technology, their feature-set is optimized for those who prioritize winning above all else.
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PRO Series Key Benefits

Enclosed Shell with Enhanced Texture

The PRO Series Mice are built with a fully enclosed shell, which provides more surface area for your hand to grasp, giving you greater control during intense gameplay. Its specialized texture is designed to improve grip, ensuring your hand and your mouse move as one.

Insanely Lightweight

Optimized for speed and control, the PRO Mice Series shave off unnecessary weight by offering only the essential, performance-enhancing features. Engineered for agility, these tournament-grade mice enable swifter movements and faster reactions for split-second decisions in fast-paced games.

Glorious Optical Switches

As fast as they are durable, Glorious Optical Switches are 80% faster than mechanical models and boast a 100M-click life span with no double clicks. Optical switches offer a noticeable speed advantage by dramatically reducing the lag between your click and its in-game effect.

Higher Polling Rates up to 8,000 Hz

By reporting your mouse’s movements up to 8X faster than traditional gaming mice, your gameplay feels seamless and much more responsive. Every move is instantly reflected on-screen, providing a gaming experience that feels as fast as light.

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