Mechanical Keyboard Basics

Once you step in to the world of custom mechanical keyboards, there’s no going back. Experiencing their responsive tactility, satisfying acoustics, and customizable aesthetic is a game-changer for both work and play. Learn more about the benefits of upgrading to a custom keyboard.

What are mechanical keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards operate on an entirely different level compared to conventional office keyboards. They use mechanical switches, which provide a distinct type of feedback with each keystroke.

Each switch contains moving parts, including a spring and a stem, which provide tactile and auditory feedback. This sensory experience makes intense gaming sessions (and even typing work emails) much more enjoyable.

What makes a mechanical keyboard ‘hotswappable’?

Not all mechanical keyboards are hotswappable. The magic of hotswap keyboards lies in a printed circuit board (PCB) designed with special sockets, allowing you to change your switches with simple tools. This enables you to pull out or replace a switch without having to solder it onto the board, making it a dream for easy customization and maintenance. 

Custom hotswap keyboards give you the freedom to explore and discover your preferred configuration, but they’re also practical. With a conventional keyboard, a broken key usually means replacing the entire keyboard. With a hotswap keyboard, you can easily replace a faulty switch, making it a more sustainable and economic choice for the long term. 

Elevated Typing and Gaming Experience

The auditory feedback from mechanical switches enhances the gaming atmosphere and provides satisfying tactility during game-play. Depending on your switch type, the feedback has different benefits while gaming.

In fast-paced games, the rapid actuation of linear switches allows for faster key registration, improving your performance. In strategic games, the noticeable bump of tactile switches provide the quick feedback, notifying when a key has been activated and preventing accidental presses. 

Personalize to Fit Your Playstyle

Customizing your mechanical keyboard makes it uniquely yours. You can add custom keycaps, a colorful top frame, and other accessories to match your gaming setup. By customizing your keyboard’s RGB lighting, you can create immersive effects to elevate your gaming experience. Moreover, you can assign complex in-game actions to single keys for your favorite games, streamlining your game-play.

Keyboard Layouts and Sizes

Mechanical keyboards come in various layouts, each catering to different needs. For those who want to save valuable desk real estate, opting for a Tenkeyless (TKL) build or a 65% keyboard layout is a great option. For those who don’t want to give up any keys, a full size board is the way to go. You can also have the best of both world by combining a compact keyboard with a numpad, which is easily storable when not used. 

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