How to Replace the GMMK 2 USB-C PCB


Replace the GMMK 2 USB-C PCB


What's in the Box?

• GMMK 2 Replacement USB-C PCB
• GMMK 2 Replacement Internal Daughter Cable

Tools Needed
• Phillips #00 Screwdriver
• Sorting Dishes for Screws (optional)


Opening the GMMK 2

1. Unplug your keyboard and keep it unplugged throughout this process.

2. Remove all switches and keycaps from your keyboard.

3. Using a manual Phillips #00 screwdriver, gently remove the exterior top frame screws.
• There are 11 exterior screws on the Compact GMMK 2.
• There are 17 exterior screws on the Full Size GMMK 2.

4. Once the screws are removed, carefully lift away the top frame and unplug the internal daughter cable from the USB-C PCB in the bottom case.
• If you’re replacing the internal daughter cable, unplug it from the main PCB by gently pulling and set aside.

Replacing the USB-C PCB

1. Remove the foam to expose the GMMK 2’s USB-C PCB.

2. Using the same manual Phillips #00 screwdriver, remove the 2 silver screws from the USB-C PCB.

3. Gently lift the loose USB-C PCB from the keyboard’s bottom casing and set it aside.

4. Align and insert the replacement USB-C PCB, ensuring it sits correctly in the bottom case.

5. Replace the 2 silver screws using the manual Phillips #00 screwdriver, being sure not to overtighten.

Reassembling the GMMK 2

1. Return the foam back to the bottom case, ensuring it is aligned and sits properly.

2. Gently plug the internal daughter cable into the USB-C PCB.
• If replacing the internal daughter cable, plug the other end into the main PCB.

Note: Make sure the cable is properly routed through its canal in the bottom casing, and ensure that both ends are connected before closing up your GMMK 2.

3. Replace the GMMK 2 top frame.

4. Re-install the top frame screws, being sure not to overtighten to avoid stripping.

5. Replace your switches & keycaps.

6. Plug in your GMMK 2 and ensure it’s functioning properly.

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Important Notices
• 2-year limited manufacturer warranty
• Warranty does not cover damages resulting from opening the keyboard.
• Small objects could be swallowed.
• Keep out of reach of children below the age of 10.

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