Glorious CORE 2.0


Personalize How You Play

Designed for easy and extensive customization, CORE 2.0 lets you unlock your gear’s full potential. Customize your RGB lighting, set macros and keybindings, and adjust your DPI or polling rate. 
Make your gameplay your own.

What’s New with CORE 2.0?

Everything you love about CORE—upgraded. We’ve heard your feedback and completely revamped our original software. CORE 2.0 was designed to deliver easy, expansive customization, and broader functionality to enable your gameplay.

Read on for a closer look at some of the most exciting upgrades.

Customization Made Simple

Guided by your feedback, we've enhanced CORE 2.0's user interface to make everything, from remapping controls to adjusting lighting, more intuitive to perform.

Take Your Settings with You

With GloriousID, save custom device profiles to the cloud and access them from any computer with CORE 2.0 installed. It's just that easy.

We Speak Your Language

Glorious CORE 2.0 fully supports multiple languages (and we’re always adding more). From Arabic to Vietnamese, you can set your preferred language as default.


Download CORE 2.0

Compatible with most Glorious products except GMMK 1,
Model O Wired (V1), Model D Wired (V1).

System Requirements
Windows 10+ Operating System

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How Can We Help?

Our Glorious Customer Support team is here to help you every step of the way - whether you’re setting up your new software or customizing your gear, we’ve got your back.

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