Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Mouse Grip Tape

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Sep 08 2021

It's time to get a grip. Your gaming mouse needs an upgrade, and applying good grip tape is the perfect way to get an edge up on the battlefield. Quick and easy to apply while extremely cost-effective, grip tape is a required addition to any serious gamer's arsenal. This article will break down the top five reasons you need grip tape on your gaming mouse ASAP.

1) Keeps Your Mouse in Top Form

Over time, plastic can wear down after extended use. For gamers, this weathering applies to mechanical keyboard keys, console controllers, and especially gaming mice. Oils from your hands combined with constant friction can cause your once pristine mouse to shine and gather dust, dirt, and other residues.

These contaminants can not only ruin the look of your mouse, but they could negatively affect its performance and longevity as well. Grip tape acts as a protective case, creating a barrier between your hand and mouse to reduce this potential for damage over time. Let the grip tape take the damage and keep your mouse in mint condition for many games to come.

2) Hassle-Free Installation

Grip tape typically uses adhesive to attach to the mouse, making for a clean, simple installation process. Depending on the manufacturer, some grip tapes are pre-cut to fit your mouse's shape perfectly. For example, we carry premium grip tape custom modified to fit both our Model D and Model O gaming mice. Custom-designed grip tape prevents pesky peeling and folding after installation.

3) Increased Precision and Control

Tape offers a substantially better grip on your mouse than its smooth plastic construction allows - especially when your palms are sweaty mid-match. There is never a risk of losing control of your mouse during intense gameplay with grip tape, and the ability to make micro-adjustments is much easier with it applied.

This perk is significant for serious gamers who regularly participate in esports like Counter-Strike, Valorant, Siege, and more, where one wrong move can cost you the tournament. Mitigate any change of error by adding grip tape to your gaming mouse.

4) An Affordable Upgrade

Everything is pricey in the PC gaming space. From upgrading your monitor to a higher refresh rate, replacing your keyboard for new cutting-edge features, and more, the hobby is not cheap. Grip tape is one of the few performance-enhancing solutions that can genuinely be called cheap and affordable. Grip tape may not always be in the limelight. However, it is the unsung hero of any battlestation that serious players need to stay competitive.

5) Simple and Clean Aesthetic

Last but not least is that grip tape looks fantastic applied to any mouse. The uniform nature of tape can remove branding and make your entire gaming mouse one uniform color, matching your setup more closely than its stock paint job. Glorious grip tapes have a modern carbon fiber pattern that makes your mouse go from a simple desk accessory to giving sleek 90's sportscar vibes in no time.

Mouse grip tape is an affordable upgrade with significant perks you cannot pass up. From increased durability to improved performance and aesthetics, we highly suggest adorning your gaming mouse with it. If you currently use grip tape on your mouse, what benefits did we leave off? Feel free to let us know in the comments below - we would love to hear from you!