How To Fix Bent Keyboard Switch Pins

Bent mechanical keyboard switch pins can cause your keyboard to not register inputs. Follow this simple guide for a quick and easy way to fix them.

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Sep 07 2021

One of the most common issues you may face when building a modular mechanical keyboard is bent switch pins. These two metal pins, located on the underside of every switch, transfer your keyboard input into a signal for your computer to translate.

Bent switch pins may cause you a minor panic after finally putting together your board because they can cause keystrokes not to register correctly. Worry not - the solution is quick and straightforward, requiring only tweezers, patience, and a gentle touch to get everything back in working order.

Fixing Bent Switch Pins

1) After removing the malfunctioning switch from the socket, check its underside for bent contact pins.

2) Take a pair of tweezers and gently bend the pin back upright. If the pin is folded in on itself, carefully unfold it before attempting to straighten it.

4) Insert the switch back into the socket gently. The contact pins are more fragile now, so go slow and with minimal pressure.

Preventing Bent Switch Pins

Steps for preventing bent pins include installing switches into the board on a soft surface like a bed or plush deskmat. Additionally, switches should go into the socket with minimal force, so you should never have to push very hard if it is appropriately aligned. If you feel pressure, remove the switch and try again to minimize the risk of pending pins.