Glorious Launches All New Model D 2 Mouse With Ergonomics for Ultra Comfort, Speed and Performance


May 20 2024

Rounding out the Glorious Gaming V2 portfolio, the latest Model D 2 mouse is effortlessly quick and precise, so gamers can personalize fit without sacrificing control and performance.




DALLAS – May 21, 2024 – Glorious Gaming, a global leader in PC gaming hardware, today announced the launch of its latest evolution of the award-winning Model D mouse, the Model D 2. Available in both wired and wireless, the Model D 2 is a fusion of the original iconic shape and perforated design of the Glorious Model D and the new streamlined aesthetic and performance of the V2 mouse family. The ergonomic shape of the Model D 2 is perfect for gamers who want responsiveness, precision and performance—while offering additional support for palm and claw grip users. Available in black and white with full RGB side lighting and six remappable buttons, the D 2 rounds out the Glorious V2 mouse family, a lineup built to complement any hand, any playstyle, and any work or battlestation aesthetic.   

“Buying a gaming mouse is similar to buying running shoes or other performance gear — features matter,” said Shazim Mohammad, founder of Glorious Gaming. “Hardware must ensure gamers can comfortably perform at their best, for as long as they’d like. The Model D 2 has an intuitive and comfortable shape, conducive to grip style, that allows you to confidently control the mouse without strain and still enjoy world-class performance, elite speed, and peak precision. With the D 2, you can code all day and game all night.”

An Ergonomic, Ultralight Advantage

Following the other members of the V2 mouse family, the Model D 2 incorporates a reimagined weight saving design to deliver a stronger and better balanced mouse that doesn’t compromise on weight, with the wired version weighing in at only 58 grams, while the wireless version tips the scales at only 66 grams. The Model D 2’s featherweight frame provides enhanced precision and responsiveness to deliver a competitive advantage in fast-paced FPS and MOBA games. Its lightness means gamers aren’t anchored down, making split-second acceleration to quickly acquire a target feel instantaneous. It’s effortlessly agile, halting as fast as it accelerates, making quick switching between multiple targets feel snappy and intuitive. The ultra low weight, combined with the D 2’s supportive ergonomic shape, fights wrist fatigue as maneuvering a heavy mouse with poor fit can tire the wrist over time, negatively affecting accuracy and reaction times. Gamers with medium to large hands play with confident control and lasting comfort, especially when the D 2 is held in a palm or claw grip. 

Tracking Accurately at Impossible Speeds

The Model D 2 features the BAMF 2.0 26K optical sensor, which tracks fast flicks and precise movements with flawless accuracy. More than capable of handling the most demanding needs of gamers, the D 2 can track at up to 650 Inches Per Second (IPS) and 50G of acceleration, allowing gamers to accurately flickshot opponents in FPS games, cast skill shots in MOBAs and track opponents in Battle Royale games. 


Using the Glorious Core 2.0 software, users can dial-in their sensitivity with adjustable DPI up to 26,000, which allows gamers to find the sensitivity that matches their playstyle. 

Ultra Responsive, Ultra Reliable

The 1,000 Hz polling rate paired with Motion Sync technology ensures that the Model D 2 delivers consistently smooth and lag free movements both in game and in desktop applications. Motion Sync technology ensures that gamers' computers are always using the latest data delivered from the mouse sensor, synchronizing the data captured by the BAMF 2.0 sensor with the polling rate, guaranteeing a reliably smooth cursor experience with no skipping or jittering. The Wireless option packs dual wireless connectivity, featuring lag-free 2.4 GHz wireless or versatile Bluetooth depending on gamers’ needs. 

Differentiated by Design and Customization

The Model D 2 is available in black and white and, unlike its competitors, does not compromise on RGB lighting to achieve lower weights — allowing gamers to both look and play at their best. The D 2 delivers the technology and design update gamers have been waiting for, showing Glorious’ dedication to high-quality builds, premium features and materials, and signature aesthetics that capture the gaming community's diverse tastes and competitive edge. Gamers can customize their setups to reflect their personal styles and passion for gaming.

Now available at and at participating retailers, the box includes: 

Model D 2 Wired MSRP: US $64.99 | Europe €69.99 | UK £59.99

  • 1 x Model D 2
  • 2 x Feet Extensions




Model D 2 Wireless MSRP: $99.99 | Europe €99.99 | UK £89.99

  • 1 x Model D 2 Wireless
  • 2 x Feet Extensions
  • 1 x 2.4 GHz Wireless Receiver
  • 1 x Wireless Extender Dongle
  • 1 x Type A to Type C Ascended Cable

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