Who's Your Daddy!? - Father's Day Sale!

... and what does he do!?

Whether he's a plumber, a lawyer, a gamer or a dangerous drug lord running from the law, we're certain your dad would love a Glorious RGB Modular Mechanical Keyboard at 20% Off this coming Father's Day. Plus, if you bundle it with an extra set of Gateron Switches, your choice of color, and a Glorious Keyboard Wrist Rest, now 50% off, your dad's sure to be blown away!

Make sure to use promo code WHO-IS-YOUR-DADDY at checkout
The sale ends on Sunday, June 18
Glorious Modular Mechanical RGB Keyboard Gateron SMD-LED Compatible Mechanical Keyboard Switches Glorious Gaming Keyboard Wrist Rest (Gray)

The only keyboard of its kind, offering complete RGB, key-cap and switch customization, while plugged in - no disassembly required.

20% off!

The heart of any mechanical keyboard. These mechanical switches are manufactured and produced by Gateron, and are fully compatible with our Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard.

Featuring a foam core interior, wrapped in a smooth cloth surface, and reinforced with dual locked stitched edges. Allowing you to comfortably use your mouse during long sessions.

50% off!

$47.99 / $59.99


$11.99 / $23.99

Not convinced that you need to buy your dad this set ASAP? Let's see what Arnold has to say about that.