ODIN is Coming.

Shazim M

November 26, 2018

O.D.I.N. is coming.

No hotel reservation required for purchase.

Coming Q1 2019.


March 2019 Update:

Learn more about reserving your Model O here (US and international customers).

Learn more about pre-ordering from EU websites here.

Read the first impressions from Menismyforte here.



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Olivier Leclerc:

I wonder if one day see gaming headphones version glorious gaming?

October 12, 2019


Will the Model D be lighter in weight?

August 15, 2019


Will the Model D be lighter in weight?

August 15, 2019


I meant “Will the Model D be the smaller Model O?” xD

May 26, 2019



Yea! Looking forward to a smaller version, too! Will the Model D be the smaller Model D? I really do hope so!!!

May 26, 2019


Please release soon a smaller version (Similar size with FK2)

May 19, 2019


Where can we order in Canada

May 15, 2019

Glorious Phoenix:


Here you go, this is our latest update!

May 04, 2019


Hello – just looking for a update on preorders and shipping!

May 04, 2019


Are there plans to release a non-rgb option?

April 16, 2019


Where can I pre order it

April 03, 2019

Glorious Phoenix:


You can check our list for retailers in Denmark – https://www.pcgamingrace.com/blogs/news/glorious-model-o-european-pre-order-information
You can also get it directly from our website. :)

March 16, 2019


is shipping going to be avaible to denmark. or are some stores going to get some home ?

March 16, 2019

Glorious Phoenix:


Here’s the latest update – https://www.pcgamingrace.com/blogs/news/glorious-model-o-reservations-start-in-march-2019
The project is still very much alive. :)

February 26, 2019

Daniel Mejias:

Was this abandoned? Please update us, it is starting to feel like a final mouse tactic here!

February 26, 2019


This better not be the same “scalpers sell it for $200 on eBay” mouse.

February 24, 2019


Big Yikes from me, fam. (for the guy under me.)

February 23, 2019


Lmao, this comment section is cringe, especially that one kid saying they wish it looked like a final mouse so they can flex how pathetic, and all the people saying you can’t buy them? It’s becsuse you’re not in he competitive scene, hell I’ve got three finalmouses they’re amazing.

Anyone bitching about the price is just some fan boy

February 21, 2019


This needs the 2 side buttoms and one thumb button like the g502, would be an insane mouse

February 21, 2019

Taeyoon Kim:

So excited for this mouse. Hopefully the cable is good.

February 19, 2019


Starting to feel like finalmouse here, can we get any updates? Q1 is getting closer to an end.

February 16, 2019


Bruh we need some kind of update I’m so excited

February 14, 2019



when this jawn coming out tho

February 09, 2019


It is hard to wait.. I want to buy it soon….

January 31, 2019

Annonymous gamer 696969696969:

Its gonna take 69 days to ship, the finalmouse is 58 grams and took 58 days

January 31, 2019


Here from amazon comments on overpriced ninja!!

January 28, 2019


Hey, I wanted to know , if its possible, if some from the next versions is going to be ergonomic for right hand. Thx the attention

January 21, 2019

Seth D.:

Very excited to the launch. I have been keeping an eye on this for quite some time and will definitely be buying one!

January 21, 2019

Sean Creasey:

So do we have any technical specs on the mouse? I am really excited for this mouse to launch and I will probably end up buying it if I don’t buy one before it launches. But I feel like it would be a good thing to know what sensor and what not it is using

January 20, 2019


sooo hyped :) As long as the chord isn’t a big chunk on plastic, def be picking one up.

January 20, 2019

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