New Products: Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard and Gateron Switch Packs

Shazim Mohammad

August 03, 2016

After months of development, our patent-pending Modular Mechanical Keyboard (GMMK) is now available for purchase!

What exactly is a modular mechanical keyboard? The GMMK allows you to swap out easily between different types, and any combination of switches on the fly, without the technical experience that would otherwise be required to do so. You will no longer need to purchase an entire new keyboard just to try out another switch such as those smooth Red switches or the clicky Blue ones. 

This will be the last keyboard you will ever buy (unless you are a member of /r/MK ^_^). 

We will also carry GMMK compatible Gateron switches on our site as well so you don't have to hunt to find the right switches. We may carry other brands in the future. 

Check out the GMMK Keyboard and the Gateron switches here. 

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