Model D- Preorder Information

Glorious HQ

June 09, 2020

 Bigger isn't always better. The Model D- Preorder starts tomorrow 6/10 at 10AM CT on  

 Same incredible tech features of the Model D, in a smaller, redesigned shell. The D- is the perfect mouse for gamers who love the ergo shape of the Model D, but find it too big for their hand size.


Preorders will open tomorrow 6/10 at 10AM CT on this product page on 

Note* This is a preorder, not a reservation. You'll pay full price for the mouse at checkout, and your order won't ship immediately.

Preorders will begin shipping out as soon as we receive the mice into our warehouses from our factory.

We estimate mice will begin shipping sometime in August. If we receive the stock earlier, we will begin shipping sooner. 

By preordering the mouse, you guarantee you'll get it in the first batch. We will fulfill on a first order first serve the quicker you order, the faster you'll receive it. 


The Model D- will also be available for preorder from many of our international retail partners and distributors. Each retailer will have their own process and timing for launch, so please contact them directly for additional info.

You can find a list of authorized retailers in your country through this page:
If your region is not listed, don’t worry - we offer direct worldwide shipping through the Glorious webstore. 

Please Note: We do not control pricing, fulfillment, or pre-orders of any 3rd party authorized retailer or international distributor. If you place an order outside of the website, be aware we cannot guarantee stock or delivery times. Please contact your retailer for detailed information about their ordering process.


Q: If I don't Preorder can I still get a D-?

A: Yes! Preorders will run until the official launch date. Upon launch, the D- will be available for normal purchase on our website and through international retailers. However, initial stock may be limited - preordering guarantees you get a mouse in the first batch, and that it will be among the first to ship out. 

Q: When is launch day?

A: Our global launch day target for D- is estimated to be sometime in August (or as soon as we receive product). Exact dates to be announced as soon as possible.

Q: Why can’t you just give an exact date when the order will ship?

A:  We don't like to give promises we can't guarantee. The mice are currently being produced and on schedule for delivery, but a lot of unforeseen circumstances can happen in transit. Especially given the current global situation disrupted by COVID. with We'll keep you updated as we get more accurate ship date info.

Q: Where do I go to place a preorder?

A: Go to this page on June 10th @ 10AM CT. 

Q: Can I get any color/coating?

A: Preorders will only be open for Matte Black and Matte White. Glossy will be made available at a later date after launch. 

Q: What is the full price of the Model D-?

A: The price of your mouse will depend on the coating type you choose during the ordering process. The Matte Black and Matte White versions will cost $49.99 + Shipping & Handling. Once availeble, the Glossy Black and Glossy White versions will cost $59.99 + Shipping & Handling.

Q: What are the dimensions for D-?

A: You can find the exact specifications of D- on the product page here.

Q: How do I choose between D & D-? Is the mouse identical other than overall size?
A: From a technical perspective, the mice are identical. The shape itself is very similar to the bigger Model D, but not an exact 1:1 scale down.  D- may be better for you depending on your grip style and hand size.
Q: Are there any other changes from your other mice?
A: We've engineered many upgrades into D-. The scroll wheel has been completely redesigned, along with other QC and structural improvements. (FYI - these improvements will start rolling out on our other mouse models in the next manufacturing batches!)

Q: Is there a limit on how many mice I can preorder?

A: There will be a limit of 2 mice per customer. 

Q: Can I edit my preorder after I have placed it?

A: Yes, you'll have a short window to manually edit your order after placing it. After that you will have to reach out to support for help making the modifications you need. They may have to cancel and replace your order depending on the request.

Q: I placed a preorder but don’t want the mouse anymore, can I get a refund?

A: Yes, you can cancel your order at any time and receive a full refund by emailing with your ORDER ID and your full mailing address. Your refund will processed within 7-10 business days.

Q: I preordered my Model D- but want to change my mailing address.

A: Don't worry, reach out to support and they'll help you. asap

Q: Can I preorder the Model D- on any of the international partner sites?

A: Participation varies with each store. We recommend reaching out directly to the retailer to inquire about their participation. 

Q: If I preorder, will I receive my unit earlier than those on launch day?

A: Most likely, yes - we will start processing preorders as soon as they arrive on a first order, first ship basis. However, distance from the shipping warehouses and unforeseen shipping delays may affect who receives it first, so we can't guarantee it.

Q: Will there be any additional accessories available with the Model D-?

A: Yes, you will have the option of buying extra G-Skates Mouse Feet and a mouse bungee when completing your Model D- purchase.

Q: Will I be able to see any reviews for the Model D- before completing my order?

A: Yes - A very limited number of trusted independent reviewers have been given early access to the Model D- prior to launch. Their reviews will go live on or before launch day.

Q: Will the Model D- be available on Amazon?

A: No. The Model D- will only be officially available through the website and our international partners.



I can’t download the website on mac

January 08, 2021


Can we get this is more colors?

September 03, 2020

Ross Owens:

A little disappointing to see that YouTube channels all get their “review” versions of the D- (minus) waaay before those of us that actually paid for the pre-launch. When can we expect the preorders to be fulfilled/shipped? I saw August on the preorder, NOT September. Keep up the great designs and products, but priorities need to be refocused.

August 31, 2020

Tom :

I bought it around the beginning of august. How do you know when you’ll get it, or are they shipping out to everyone that pre-ordered regardless of when.

August 26, 2020


Its shipping on the 24th

August 19, 2020


It’d be cool to get some sort of update on expectations for shipping, even if it’s not for a while – it’d be nice to know. I ordered the first hour it became available for preorder on 6/10 and haven’t heard anything since.

Can’t wait for this mouse to arrive though! Love my Model O minus.

August 13, 2020

Troy Salinas:

Can you tell me at what date you think it will be ship out? It’s okay if you are wrong.

August 12, 2020


When will we see the Quality control improvements across the other models? Would love to get a mode O with this improvement.

August 12, 2020

Rene magana :

When are ur business days ?

July 18, 2020


I would love to see this mouse in a light blue or cotton candy blue, would making this color for this model be alright? Much like the Model O, you guys put a special kind of mouse that was pink, it would mean a lot if you guys can set the mouse to cotton candy blue now! :)

June 23, 2020


How am I supposed to pre-order this from the UK?

June 11, 2020

Jimmy John:

Can we get this beauty in pink? Or am asking for a lot here Q.Q

June 09, 2020

Jonathan Park:

Have a glorious but the cord is not connecting. dam interested in buying the Model D and Bungee. Is it possible to fix the glorious one also? I bought it a years ago

June 09, 2020

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