Introducing the Glorious Lynx

Glorious HQ

August 04, 2021

Joining our lineup of premium mechanical keyboard switches, Lynx is a fierce, high-quality, linear switch, here to grace your claws with a truly transcended, ultra-smooth typing experience.  

Designed for a perfectly silky-smooth and always consistent operation - Lynx is ideal for both typing and gaming. It’s been engineered with premium materials and a focus on quality, durable through endless hours of use.  

Sporting white stems on a gorgeous teal blue housing, Lynx is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. This switch is perfect for almost any user.

Style: Linear
Bottom-Out Force:
60g± Variance
PCB Mount:

Top Shell - Unique teal blue polycarbonate top housing

Stem - Soft and flexible POM stem provides an unbelievably smooth operation.

Spring - Proprietary spring with nickel plating sourced from Korea.

Leaf - Premium-grade copper sourced from Japan.

Bottom Shell - High-quality nylon bottom housing sourced from Belgium.

Note: The RGB effect may be dimmer compared to switches with transparent housings.

Like the Glorious Pandas, they will be available in both factory lubed and unlubed versions.

Lynx utilizes a 5-pin PCB mounting system, compatible out of the box with the GMMK PRO. (They also work great with the original GMMK, you’ll just have to clip the extra two legs!)

Lynx will retail for the same price as Glorious Pandas - Unlubed at $24.99 per box and lubed at $34.99 per box on Each box contains 36 switches.

Stay tuned to our social media and community channels to stay up-to-date on all things Glorious Lynx. We have exciting sound tests, giveaways, and launch information coming up VERY soon!

- Stay Glorious


Byron Fields:

First! Also, I just got my Ice/Panda/Ocean GMMK Pro today and am thoroughly enjoying it. Thank you! I may try the Lynx switches next :)

August 04, 2021

Sara Mathews:

So freaking excited by this!!! I love the panda switches but I’m slower with the tactile of them! Will they have a similar sound to the pandas? Or more softer sound?

August 04, 2021


Hello, I would like to ask if you will ever be offering shipping to Israel, I really hope you do some day because everything I’ve heard about your products is amazing.
Thank you.

August 04, 2021


Are these going to have reduced travel similar to glorious pandas?

August 04, 2021


Hope they do not have really bad leaf ping noise even with generous lube on both house and stem like the Glorious Panda brothers

August 04, 2021

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