Holiday PC Gaming Gift Set Bundle Deals

Yolanda Arriaga

December 06, 2022

For PC gamers, the perfect desk setup means having quality products that fit together cohesively. So what better way to treat them than with a top-tier gaming mouse and keyboard set? We’ve put together three Glorious bundle deals, perfect for every budget.  


To get your gift set in the mail by December 24th, continental US orders should be placed by the 18th, and international orders by the 12th.



Original Price: $194.93

Holiday Deal: $119.99


Get 38% off and save $75



Our Original Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The GMMK 1 is a fantastic mechanical keyboard for gaming with a twist that sets it apart. It comes in either black or white with three sizes to choose from: Full Size, Tenkeyless, and Compact (60% keyboard). But what truly makes this board stand out is its unique modularity. While it comes ready to go out of the box, its keycaps, switches, and lighting can be changed to fit the user’s exact preference!


Model O or D Gaming Mouse

Choose between the wired Model O or the Model D, available in full size or the smaller Minus edition. Not sure which to get? The Model O is an ultralight, ambidextrous mouse, which is perfect for shooter games that require fast movement and precision. The Model D is an ultralight, ergonomic mouse design for speed and comfort, perfect for gamers who work from home and could benefit from a mouse that’s for both work and play.


Elements Mouse Pad

No mouse and keyboard set is complete without a mouse pad. The Glorious Element Series is our collection of premium mouse pads, and each one has different levels of speed and control to fit their play style. The Ice is made with glass-infused material for a buttery smooth mouse glide. The Fire is made with a hybrid cloth surface for balanced speed and precision. Finally, the Air is made of low-profile polymer for frictionless gliding and maximum speed thanks to its pre-installed adhesive base (which is easily removable).



Original Price: $333.90

Holiday Deal: $199.99


Get 40% off and save $134!


The Original GMMK: Barebones Edition

The beauty of gifting a mechanical keyboard DIY set is that you’re also giving the experience of building and customizing the board. This gift set includes the GMMK 1 described above, but in a ‘barebones’ kit - without mechanical switches or keycaps installed. The GMMK Barebones is available only in black.


Panda Mechanical Switches

Voted the best tactile switches by Switch and Click and The Gaming Setup, Panda tactile switches are perfect for keyboard enthusiasts who enjoy a snappy tactile bump while typing. Perfect for those who type and game regularly.


GPBT Keycaps

Let them personalize their keyboard with custom keycaps with a range of color palettes. Made with super-durable PBT polymer, our GPBT keycaps come in five vibrant gradient colorways, as well as Black Ash and Arctic White for those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic.


Wireless Model O or D Gaming Mouse

Choose between any of our wireless mice. In addition to the benefits detailed above, these mice feature lag-free connectivity thanks to our custom-designed BAMF sensor (ask Urban Dictionary what that stands for). Get up to 71 hours of battery life, and charge while playing to never miss a second of use.


Elements Mouse Pad

As described above, these bad boys tie any mouse and keyboard set together.


Padded Keyboard Wrist Rest

And for the cherry on top, gifting a wrist rest is a sure-fire way to ensure the recipient is comfortable while gaming or working. They’re made with a comfy foam interior and a smooth cloth surface. The wrist rests come in three sizes to match the size of the keyboard.

The Expert Gift Set


Original Price: $513.92

Holiday Deal: $369.90


Get 28% off and save $144!


The GMMK PRO Gaming Keyboard

If they’re passionate, die-hard gamers or keyboard enthusiasts, this is the set for them. This award-winning mechanical keyboard is unmatched in build quality and customizable components. The GMMK PRO Barebones is a professional-grade 75% keyboard, and comes in either a black or silver frame.


Panda or Lynx Switches

The next satisfying step is adding the switches. The Lynx Linear are for gamers in need of fast and fluid operation, while the Panda tactile switches are a hybrid choice if they type and game regularly.


Celestial, GPBT or Aura Keycaps

The pièce de résistance. No keyboard building experience would be complete without a gorgeous set of colorful keycaps. If the gamer you’re buying for likes vibrant pops of color, GPBT keycaps are the way to go. If they like darker, moodier color palettes, the Celestial Series keycaps are for them. Lastly, Aura keycaps are great if they are a fan of RGB lighting.


Glorious Elements Mouse Pad or XL Mouse Pad

Choose from Elements series described above, or the XL mouse pad if they want a mouse pad that covers a large part of their desk.


Padded Keyboard Wrist Rest

So the gamer in your life can type and play in comfort.

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