GMMK PRO Begins Shipping Soon - Reservation Order Completion Information

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March 03, 2021

RESERVATION Order Completion Information


Due to unprecedented congestion at US ports, 2 of the ships carrying GMMK PRO units are stuck in line waiting to unload. We're hoping for movement soon, but there is a chance the 3/23 Batch 1 ship date will have to be pushed slightly. Stay tuned for updates here.


After much anticipation, we will soon be fulfilling reservations for the GMMK PRO. During the checkout process, Batch 1 holders will be first in line to customize their board and pick up handy accessories.

Purchased accessories will be shipped with your board unless there is a backorder. After all Batch 1 orders are fulfilled, these accessories will eventually go live for everyone to order.  

Please read this post carefully for information about how to complete your reservation.

As indicated when you completed your reservation, GMMK PRO orders are being fulfilled in multiple batches as we get stock available. At the time of reservation, you were assigned to either “Batch 1” or “Flex Batch”. 

This will be a rolling launch, meaning flex batch orders will be fulfilled as we get more units in. This process will continue until all reservation orders are completed. 

If you aren’t sure what Batch you’re in you can check your account’s order status page on


On 3/23 at 11AM CST, an email will be sent to all Batch 1 reservation holders only. The email will contain a link leading to a special keyboard configurator on our site. Here you can complete the checkout of your GMMK PRO and add any accessories you want.

You will have 7 days to complete your reservation from the time the link is sent. If you don’t complete within 7 days, your reservation will automatically be cancelled and refunded.

NOTE: You will only be allowed to purchase the same board color you reserved. This cannot be changed.

Here is a step by step rundown of the process:


  • Emails will be sent out to all Batch 1 reservation holders at the same time around 11AM CST
  • Be sure to check your SPAM and all email folders to ensure you get it. (It may be helpful to whitelist “”)
  • Batch 1 reservation holders will have 7 days from when they received their email to place their GMMK PRO order.


  • You MUST log into the same account used when completing your reservation.
  • You will only be able to order the same color GMMK PRO that you reserved. No exceptions.


  • A number of GMMK PRO accessories will be available as you move through the purchasing process.
  • Most accessories should be in stock.
  • Due to limited stock, GMMK PRO accessories are reserved for Batch 1 reservation owners before being opened for the public.


  • After you configure your GMMK PRO, you’ll be directed to complete your checkout as normal.
  • The $70 you already paid for reservations will automatically be deducted from your order total.
  • Unless items are indicated as backordered, your GMMK PRO and all accessories will ship at the same time.
  • Due to expected high order volumes, please allow up to 7-10 business days (counting only Monday - Friday) for your order to ship from the warehouses. That means leave our warehouse, not arriving to you.
  • Once you check out, you will no longer have access to the GMMK PRO configurator page. However, you can still purchase accessories separately.


We have already sent the GMMK PRO out to a select group of keyboard reviewers for evaluation. On 3/23 at 10:30am CT, they’ll be releasing official first reviews if you want to see what they think before you check out. Keep an eye on our social media pages for updates.

As a reminder, we’ll hold your board for 7 days after the email is sent if you want to take some time to think about your purchase.

Also keep an eye on our Twitch channel and Youtube. We’ll be streaming and posting content about GMMK PRO throughout the month.



Enough units will be available in our warehouses on 3/23 to fulfill all Batch 1 orders. Fulfillment will begin immediately, however due to high order volume please allow up to 10 business days for your order to leave the warehouses.

Shipping is free for customers within the continental USA. Normal shipping rates apply outside of that area.

Please note, due to ongoing shipping issues caused by COVID-19, unexpected delays may occur with your order.

Reservation Cancellations and Refunds

After 7 days of receiving the email, if you do not complete your order the reservation will automatically be cancelled and you will be refunded. The refund and cancellation process can take 4-5 business days to complete.

You do not have to reach out to customer support if you do not plan to complete the reservation.


A number of awesome accessories will be available for GMMK PRO. Due to limited initial stock, some accessories may only be purchased by customers completing reservations.

The following accessories will be available during your checkout configuration:

  • GMMK PRO Keyboard Case
  • Glorious Keycap Sets (in multiple colorways)
  • Coiled Cables (in multiple colorways)
  • Switch Plates (In Polycarbonate or Brass)
  • Rotary Knobs (If you want to switch colors to black, white ice, or gold)
  • Premium Switch Puller
  • Lube Station
  • Lube Brush
  • G-Lube
  • Additional GOAT Stabs
  • Switch Puller
  • Switch Opener
  • Glorious Pandas (and other switches)
  • Cleaning Kit

International Customers

Any international order may be subject to additional import duties or customs fees at the time of pickup. Due to variability between countries, we cannot calculate these costs for you, nor do we have any ability to change them. Please consult with your shipping carrier for additional information.

COVID-19 is continuing to cause unexpected delays with shipping. Please allow additional time to receive your order


The GMMK PRO will be compatible with Glorious Core unified software. You will need to update the firmware of your board when you receive it for it to function properly. Windows users can update directly via Core. We’ll also provide a stand alone updater for MAC users

It will also be compatible with QMK out of the box. We are working on VIA compatability


On 3/23 we will have limited units available in our warehouses, only initially enough to cover Batch 1. Any unclaimed units from Batch 1 will be rolled into the Flex Batch, and additional stock will be arriving throughout the coming months until we are fully in stock.

If you have a Flex Batch reservation, you will be notified only when your unit becomes available. Units will be distributed in the order reservations were received. Because available stock depends on how many reservations are completed, we will not be able to give you an estimated date when you will receive your unit.

You will be emailed a link to complete your purchase as described above. If you don’t complete your reservation within 7 days of receiving the email your reservation will be automatically canceled.

3rd Party Retailers

The information in this post is only for reservations completed through Manty of our international partners will be receiving GMMK PRO in the near future and will have their own systems of pre-orders and release. Please contact your retail of choice for detailed information about their order process.

Note: We do not control pricing, fulfillment, or reservations of any 3rd party authorized retailer or international distributor.


We are working hard to get GMMK PRO fully in stock on the stock. Until we are able to maintain adequate stock, the reservation system will continue.

On 3/23, the reservation price will be increased from $70 to $100.

The board is still $169.99, so you’ll only need to pay the additional $69.99 at checkout.

When you reserve you’ll be added to the Flex Batch waiting list. As soon as your board is available we’ll notify you via email to complete your order. As the list is fulfilled chronologically, we recommend placing a reservation ASAP.

Feel free to reach out to our support team for any questions or concerns!

As always, our Twitter and Reddit pages are the best place to get important information and updates.


Q: Why are you doing this reservation system?

A: We wanted to make sure everybody who wants a board can get one. Since the production timeline for GMMK PRO has been uncertain, we wanted to make sure people could hold their place in line for a board without having to shell out the full cost up front.

Q: Will there be an official firmware update during initial setup?

A: Yes, there will be a Day 0 firmware update for the GMMK PRO. Windows users can update via Glorious Core. Mac users will have a standalone updater.

Q: Will GMMK PRO ever be in stock without a reservation?

A: Yes, we plan to fully stock the GMMK PRO for anybody to purchase. We’re hoping sometime later 2021 we’ll be caught up with all reservations and can put it on regular onsale.

Q: Will there be enough GMMK PROs on 3/23 to cover all Batch 1 orders?

A: Yes, there are enough units to fulfill all Batch 1 orders.

Q: I reserved my GMMK PRO in the first batch, but I did not receive an email on March 23rd. What should I do?

A: First, check your junk / SPAM email. If it is not located there and you are sure you were in the first batch, then reach out to our Customer Support team at:

Be sure to whitelist

Q: I changed my mind on the board color, can I switch for a different one?

A: No. If you want a different color you’ll have to cancel your reservation and place a new one, which will put you in the back of the line.

Q: What if my GMMK PRO is damaged or malfunctioning?

A: We have enough dedicated units to RMA boards in need of repair or replacement.

Q: How will I know if my Flex Batch reservation is ready?

A: You will be receiving an email as soon as a unit is ready for you so keep an eye out.

Q: Why are you still doing reservations after completing these orders?

The manufacturing process is finite, and the reservation process helps us gauge demand so we can provide the proper supply as efficiently as possible.

Q: Where can I reserve the GMMK PRO?


Q: I haven’t reserved a board yet, can I still order one after 3/23?

A: Yes, $70 reservations will continue until 3/23 (as Flex Batch). After 3/23, the reservation price will be $100.

Q: How much will I pay when checking out?

A: The GMMK PRO itself is $169.99. Reservations were $70, so you will be paying an additional $100 for the board at checkout to complete your order. This does not include additional accessories you choose when checking out or shipping (for those outside of free shipping zones)

Q: What is the cost of shipping?

A: GMMK Orders shipping within the continental US will receive free shipping (qualifying for our standard $100 free shipping offer). All other locations will be calculated based on weight at the time of checkout.

Q: Will software be available for GMMK PRO?

A: Yes, Glorious Core software will be available.

Q: Can I install QMK on the GMMK PRO?

A: Yes, the GMMK PRO is QMK compatible.

Q: Where can I find the build guide for the GMMK PRO if I am trying to install switches, swap plates, and more?

A: Video walkthrough guides will be posted on our website and shared on our social media pages.

Q: If I reserve a GMMK PRO now, how long will it take until I receive an email to order?

A: We can only give broad estimates. You’ll see a range of dates in the modal window when you complete the reservation checkout.

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Peter Gray:

Hey i recently purchased a gmmk pro since it said they were no longer on backorder, its been roughly a week and i haven’t received any shipping information. I’m not sure if my order has been dispatched yet. roughly how long does it take for the gmmk pro to ship to the uk? thanks for any help you can offer.

August 03, 2021


My message saying my reservation was ready finally came in mid-June, but went to my spam folder. Is there any way to complete the order still?

June 28, 2021


Hi I didn’t receive any emails even after March 23. Please let me know why.

April 13, 2021

Philip Postma:

I reserved a Black GMMK pro but. I was placed in the Flex batch. I would like to now cancel my reservation as now my financial situation has changed and I cannot justify the expenditure. How do i go about canceling to get my refund?

March 24, 2021

Donald draughon:

Any idea if you are going to have backlit keycaps?
I would prefer to see my lettering in the dark.

March 24, 2021


When is it possible to reserve ISO version?

March 23, 2021

博伟 刘:

Which batch am I in?

March 22, 2021


HOPE! I can get the giveaway gorious model o wireless mouse on insta lets g0o0o0o

March 18, 2021

Noah Perazzo:

Will accessories be available and in stock for flex batch customers?

March 16, 2021


No accessory reservations for flex batch customers?

Big Oof.

March 15, 2021

Niklas B:

What about an ISO version?

March 12, 2021


Are flex batch reservations holders going to get a chance at those accessories before the public does ? It would be tragic for all those key caps to sellout before I get the board.

March 07, 2021


I reserved for the GMMK Pro on March 6. Is there an estimated date when the order can be possibly fulfilled?

March 05, 2021


Hi Glorious,

Any update on if you will produce an E-white or a case color that will be closer to white instead of the “white ice” silver? I have an open order now but would cancel it now if I knew you will make this in an E-White or equivalent. I already have a silver keyboard and would love a white one to go with my setup. Thanks.

March 04, 2021

Daniel Quinn:

It is understandable accessories are reserved for batch 1 reservation holders, but I think the plate options should be available to all reservation holders.

March 04, 2021


Can we get an option to swap out the plate and pay the difference rather than having to order the extra plate? e.g. I’d like to get the polycarb plate instead of the aluminium one

March 04, 2021

Sander van Delden:

Great news. I like to order a t shirt aswell but its not in the list of Accessories. Will this be possible. I live in EU hence my question to reduce shipping cost.


March 04, 2021


What profile will the keycaps be?

March 04, 2021


Any updates on the ISO version??

March 04, 2021



I have a gmmk pro reservation. Can I only buy a keycap set without a gmmk pro when I get my e-mail?

March 04, 2021

GLen Paul:

will this keyboard be available in the market? The problem is I can’t order in this kind of reservation and buying online. I really love this keyboard. and I hope there will be another way to buy this. like going in the market or some COD online shop.

March 03, 2021

Matt H:

Any update on an estimated date for the flex batch?

March 03, 2021

Daniel Miranda:

Any way to get an early look at the available colorways and accessory variants? It would make it easier to plan ahead and order quickly at checkout.

March 03, 2021


Is there anywhere to get a better look at those keycap sets yet?

March 03, 2021


Hello glorious, im very excited for this board but I am having a couple of issues with the customer support teams. I originally reserved the white version of the board but then I opened a ticket and switched to the black version of the board. Then a couple of days later I went to my account and noticed a price increase of up to 140 usd. I opened up another ticket to see if I could get that issue resolved and they said that they will in the next 3-5 days and it just requires a price change…. That was Feb 11… I don’t want to open up another ticket for the same issue but nothing has been resolved and customer support isnt helping. I know it may not be the right place to post the issue here but i seriously don’t want to have to pay for an extra board when it wasn’t my fault.

March 03, 2021

Logan Lyon:

How do I know if I am in batch 1 or not?

March 03, 2021

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