Glorious October Update - Tenkeyless GMMK, 15% Off Loyalty Program and More!

Viktor Z

September 25, 2017

The ultimate modular peripheral for gamers and typists alike. Our Glorious Modular Mechanical RGB Keyboard just got a sleek tenkeyless design. Pre-orders are now live!


  • Fully modular, mechanical keys. All keycaps and switches are hot-swappable. You'll never have to disassemble this keyboard.
  • LED Backlighting with 18 pre-installed effects, as well as the option for a user-defined RGB pattern. Variable animation speeds and brightness settings.
  • Easy access hot-keys for direct internet and multimedia functions.
  • Sandblasted aluminum faceplate for the ultimate professional look and feel.
  • Raised keys with a minimalist design. There is no visible branding on the keyboard, allowing you to decide exactly what you want it to look like with your favorite custom keycaps and switches.

Price: $59.99 (Barebones), $109.99 (With switches and keycaps)
Variants: Pre-Built with Brown Switches or Do-it-Yourself kit with your choice of switches.

The keyboard is currently only available for pre-order. As such, priority is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Limited quantities available. 

The Glorious Referral Program - Give your friends 15% off, get 10% off their purchase amount!

Along with the GMMK-TKL, we're also announcing the beginning of our very own loyalty referral program. It's simple - you get a referral link you can share with your friends, giving them 15% off of all their purchases, and you receive 10% of the amount they spend on your PayPal account. It's a real win-win.

It's also very important to note there is no limit on how many times you can use the referral program. So if you and your friends want to grab 10 pieces of the new Tenkeyless, you can. Just make sure you get them before we run out of pre-order pieces!

Finally, we're proud to announce we're offering O-Ring dampeners for our keyboards.

O-Rings are a one-time investment that can successfully dampen the noise produced by mechanical switches. Every O-ring cushions the blow of the switch and the keycap, thus making your typing experience all the more silent. 

The O-Rings come in 2 hardness types and 2 thickness levels. We have a handy guide to help you decide which combination is the best for you. If you want all the benefits of a Glorious mechanical keyboard, but without any of the noise, we suggest you check them out. 

At a price of $9.99 a set, they're simply a must-have!



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