Glorious mechanical keyboard reviews and recommendations

Rashko Temelkovski

July 15, 2018

Being a gamer means there's no shame in not being able to travel the world or visit the most luxurious tourist destinations this summer. In fact, we believe you may get the same amount of fun by simply "polishing" your battlestation and making sure you got the right gaming gear. Speaking of gaming gear, are you still wondering whether the GMMK is the best choice for you? Well then, we'd like to share this collection of fairly recent Glorious mechanical keyboard reviews and recommendations that can help you make the right decision.

Glorious modular mechanical keyboard reviews and recommendations

Recommendation by Review Geek

  • Category: Best Enthusiast Starter Mechanical Keyboard

The main feature of our mechanical keyboard is "certainly praiseworthy". We'll take this compliment without a doubt. After all, you gotta admit there aren't many other keyboards that let you easily swap mechanical switches on the fly. Isn't that a fact?

Review by High Ground Gaming

  • Score: 7.6

The guys at High Ground Gaming claim that our modular keyboard is "a godsend for keyboard enthusiasts and gamers who want to try a variety of mechanical switches." They back this statement up with a detailed review covering all the important aspects and features of the GMMK-RGB model.

Review by Hardware BBQ

  • Score: N/A

The GMMK-TKL will tempt you. Тhat's what the testers at Hardware BBQ claim. They also highlight the build quality and the fact it's lightweight, as well as the customization options available. Another very detailed review that's definitely worth a look.

Video review by Jordan Ash

"A really nice minimal simplistic design with the great features of modular switches - a definite unique selling point with this keyboard." It seems that Jordan did his homework really well. The result is a great video review that manages to cover all the important features in 10 minutes.

Video review by Rhinofeed

One of the first people to review our GMMK-TKL back when it was released, and a fantastic take on the keyboard's main features and quirks throughout the whole video. Two thumbs up!

The GMMK TKL is a real beauty.

Photo by Jared Squires

These are just some of the reviews you'll find if you do some quick searching online. Is the GMMK the best mechanical keyboard in its class? Is it the best gaming keyboard of 2018? We leave it to you to decide... with the help of these keyboard reviews.


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