Some FAQ about the Glorious Aura Mechanical Keycaps

Rashko Temelkovski

November 04, 2018

Ever since we announced that you can officially purchase our unique Glorious Aura Mechanical Keycaps, we've been getting all kinds of questions about them. The interest is huge and we're already seeing photos of Glorious fans who are thrilled with their new keycaps. That being said, we feel it's our responsibility to answer the most frequently asked questions. This way, it will be easier for you to decide whether our brand new keycap set is exactly what you need for your battlestation.

Are the Auras made of ABS or PBT plastic?

Every Aura keycap is made of high-quality PBT plastic that will ensure countless hours of gaming and typing alike.

Can I buy white Auras?

At the moment, we only have have them in black.

Are these pudding keycaps?

Sigh... as much as we're not exactly the biggest fans of the phrase... yes, these are the so-called "pudding" keycaps.

The Glorious Aura Mechanical Keycaps are getting all the attention these days!

Will the Aura keycaps be compatible with my non-GMMK keyboard?

The Auras have a standard ANSI-US / QWERTY Layout and standard bottom row. As long as your mechanical keyboard is of "standard nature", you should have no problems with them. There are some Corsair and Razer keyboards that don't have a standard bottom row, meaning not all keycaps will fit. Always check your keyboard's specs before purchasing the Auras!

Can I get Aura keycaps for my Cherry MX switches?

Yes! The keycaps are Cherry-MX / Gateron / Kailh + stem compatible.

Are the Auras double shot?

Of course! Each keycap features double-shot injection legends.

What makes the Auras different from the Black / White keycaps on your website?

There are a few different things. The Aura keycaps are made of PBT plastic, while the Black / White keycaps are made of ABS plastic. You can read more about these two types of plastic here. Also, the Aura keycaps create a unique vibrant, yet soft glow around your keyboard. Lastly, there's a small difference in the price. You can get a Black / White keycap set for $24.99. Meanwhile, an Aura keycap set will cost you $34.99.

Fan-submitted photo of the Auras. Fan submitted

Any news about the Odin?

WHAT!? HOW IS THAT IMPORTANT!? We're talking about the Glorious Aura Mechanical Keycaps here. You got the wrong page, and we definitely do not appreciate you constantly bringing up that question. Jokes aside, keep checking this page for the next update(s) and follow us on social media. We'll have more info soon!



can these key caps be used with outemu switches?

November 05, 2020


Do your keycaps have a uniform shape or are they tailored to their position.

As in the home key row (FJ row) are relatively flat whilst the bottom and top rows are angled so it creates an overall shape like \_/?

August 07, 2020


Would be amazing to see these in a UK ISO format as can’t seem to find them anywhere else on the market.

June 14, 2020

João Rossa:

Hi! i was wondering if there will be aura keycaps in ISO-PT? i would use them on a compact model.

May 07, 2020

Glorious Phoenix:


For the time being, only the black keycaps will have ISO layouts too!

July 01, 2019


Hi, any news on the iso-layout for the aura? I was referred to aliexpress on your discord server, but I expected iso-layouts on your webpage or the retailers for your auras… or was that a misunderstanding on my part? so no aura keycaps in iso-layout in the near future? thanks in advance

July 01, 2019

Glorious Phoenix:

Hey Robert,

We’ll be releasing ISO layouts in early 2019 if everything goes well.
As for the Odin, we’ll have an update soon. Please keep checking our social media and blog.
And, the goal is to have the best gaming mouse on the market. :)

November 20, 2018

Robert Klopfer:

I would love to get one or just the caps with QWERTZ or better German Layout …
and btw … any news about the Odin mouse?
did you guys bought Finalmouse? or you just wanna destroy them ? :D

November 20, 2018

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