The mechanical vs membrane keyboard debate

Rashko Temelkovski

June 10, 2018

It's a debate that's growing increasingly popular nowadays. The reason is simple: more and more gamers are deciding to invest money in a quality mechanical keyboard. And as you may know, it was considered "the norm" to have a membrane variant not so long ago. That's why we decided to give you our short take on the mechanical vs membrane keyboard debate.

We're not gonna bore you with details that might not be of interest to you. In fact, our goal is to simply list the main benefits of both mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards. However, don't be surprised that we may come off as (a bit) biased. After all, the GMMK was released as a result of our mission to provide gamers and typists alike with the best mechanical keyboard experience possible.

Benefits of membrane keyboards

  • It's no secret that membrane keyboards can be more or less quiet even when you're typing (pressing keys) at high speed.
  • Overall, there are still more membrane keyboard variants on the market, making it easy to find a decent model for your needs.
  • Membrane keyboards are more affordable since the materials used to build them are very common.

Benefits of mechanical keyboards

  • Every key press is registered more quickly.
  • Much longer lifespan. The average life expectancy for most mechanical keyboards is 50 million key presses. You will never get the same lifespan with membrane keyboards.
  • Countless customization options. Need we remind you that you can use several different switches on our GMMK? And after you pick the right switch, you can "decorate the board with all kinds of key cap combinations. Be as creative as you want.
  • The overall typing experience you get with a mechanical keyboard can be very different. And by this, we mean it has a nice premium touch that membrane keyboards simply don't have.
  • Modularity. Our mechanical keyboard is modular. You can easily swap mechanical switches and keycaps on the fly. If a switch / keycap breaks, just get another one. There's no need to buy a new keyboard.
  • Moar RGB than you can handle in a lifetime.

Our GMMK will satisfy our RGB fans

Naturally, we can mention even more things here. Like the fact that different mechanical keyboard switches act differently and may give you an additional typing / gaming edge. And, about the (in)famous sound that every key press makes... even if that sweet, loud CLACK is just not your thing, you can get a set of O-rings from our store and successfully dampen the volume. As simple as that.

Is the mechanical vs membrane keyboard debate over for you?

Still not convinced which side you should take in the mechanical vs membrane keyboard debate? Well then, perhaps this GMMK review will give you a nudge in the right direction.


Hamish Bock:

I really like the sound of mechanical keyboard while playing here ( – spaecially bought it for theese games)

May 19, 2021

David Huner:

Thanks a lot for making me clear about mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards. I have been using mechanical keyboards for a long time now. I use it for playing games and doing other tasks too. And I always feel better using mechanical keyboards as they seem great to me always.

May 11, 2020


I grew up on using mechanical keyboards with my first PC’s which actually came with decent mechanical keyboards. Those perks didn’t last long before the membrane keyboards took over because of the cost savings. Really too bad because anyone I have talked to who switched to a mechanical keyboard would never go back to even a expensive membrane keyboard. Obviously membrane keyboards are still popular because they are cheap and people just rather replace a cheap keyboard more often then invest in a good mechanical one.

March 24, 2020



November 12, 2019


The way you describe all thing and provide us information on mechanical vs membrane keyboard. Huge, Thumbs Up and Thanks!

July 26, 2019

Dave Gaydos:

Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful blog with us.

July 15, 2019



July 04, 2019

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