Best Gaming Mouse for Call of Duty Warzone (2021)

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May 05, 2021

Our Pick for the Best FPS Mouse

First released in March 2020, Call of Duty: Warzone has taken the PC gaming community by storm. Cross-platform? Check. Free-to-play? Check. Battle Royale? Check. With over 80 million downloads, there's no doubt that Warzone has become an undeniable FPS phenomenon.

However, a larger player base means greater competition looking to test your skills. This intense opposition means you need to equip yourself with the best PC gaming mouse to dominate the battlefield and earn your helicopter evac. In this article, we will present to you the best FPS gaming mouse for Call of Duty Warzone, as well as a few honorable mentions we suggest checking out.

Model O Wireless - $79.99

Introducing our pick for the best gaming mouse for Call of Duty Warzone: The Model O Wireless. The MOW is deathly accurate, dangerously quick, and untethered for maximum mobility. Never miss a shot with its proprietary BAMF sensor. Designed in collaboration with Pixart, this is the most advanced wireless mouse sensor ever created.

The Model O Wireless' award-winning, ambidextrous shell is perforated for unmatched speed. Precisely cut hexagonal holes maintain the mouse body's structural integrity while allowing it to be featherlight at just 69 grams - making the Model O Wireless a Lightweight Pro for you Modern Warfare 2 fans out there.

Connected to your PC via a low-latency, 2.4ghz wireless dongle, this mouse provides uncompromising performance during even the most intense FPS firefights. Reload more and recharge less with its industry-leading 71-hour battery life. When you do need to top up, take advantage of the included USB-C Ascended charging cable.

Looking to hit that clutch sniper shot? The Model O Wireless allows you to quickly change mouse sensitivity on the fly with its handy top-mounted DPI button. For more customization, downloading the powerful new Glorious Core software suite enables you to fine-tune your mouse's DPI, RGB colors, and more.

Honorable Mentions for Best Warzone Gaming Mice

Model O (Wired) - $49.99

Want to experience the Model O Wireless' award-winning, ambidextrous shape in a more affordable package? Look no further than its wired brother: the Model O. Containing the same innovative internals found in the MOW, including the legendary BAMF sensor, this uncompromising mouse is sure to make collecting dubs in Warzone a breeze.

Its Ascended Cord is incredibly durable and lightweight, sending any chance of cable drag to the Gulag. If you desire even greater freedom of movement, pair the Model O with our Glorious Mouse Bungee for a near wireless FPS mouse experience.

The included G-Skates mouse feet, included on all of our gaming mice, will make your Model O glide across your mousepad with impressive ease and precision. Whether you prefer a lower DPI for desk spanning drag shots or rely on high sensitivity for rapid movements, the Model O is one of the best FPS gaming mice to have in your arsenal.

The Model D - $49.99

Are you a fan of the Model O family's innovative features but desire a more comfortable body shape for right-handed users? Say hello to the Model D. This premium wired gaming mouse is the best choice for Warzone players seeking an ultra-lightweight frame with an emphasis on ergonomics.

Hand strain is a thing of the past with the MDW's palm-cradling body ideal for medium-to-large hands. Are you a fan of the Model D's frame but need a mouse that accommodates smaller hands? Try out the Model D- for a gaming mouse that packs the Model D's internals into a more wieldy, compact frame.


While this article does break down our picks for the best FPS mice for Warzone, we still recommend holding a variety of mice in your hands before making a final decision. Shape, buttons, size, and more are all subjective features that vary from user to user. Testing a few options will help you find your ideal mouse. To see our entire collection of gaming mice, click here.

What features of gaming mice do you value the most? Switches? Body Shape? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear from you.

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