10 New Years Resolution Ideas for PC Gamers

Glorious Zach

December 22, 2021

New year, same GPU. Thanks, global chip shortage. But we can’t just cry about our declining frame rates for too long! 2022 brings a bounty of opportunities, so we created some PC gaming-related resolutions that’ll help you take on the new year. And if you decide not to follow through, we promise not to bring it up at the next family gathering.

1) Uninstall games that are taking up valuable storage space.

We’re looking at you, Warzone. Another victim of the global component shortage, HDDs and SSDs carry a larger price tag than normal. Like cleaning out a closet, simply look through your game libraries and uninstall those old titles collecting digital dust!

2) Stop paying for that game subscription you continue to put off canceling.

The chances are high that you forgot to cancel at least one paid subscription, leeching off your bank account like a low-level Zubat. Double-check which accounts you use and unsubscribe from the ones you don’t.

3) Appreciate your aging GPU. 

It’s fighting for its damn life in there just to make you happy. To treat it with the respect it deserves, make sure it’s getting enough air by installing additional case fans and blowing out any built-up dust.

4) Replace your gaming mouse’s feet.

Real quick, turn over your mouse. If the included white polymer feet are noticeably worn down, it’s time to invest in replacements. For Glorious mouse owners, we recommend our G-Floats made with wear-resistant porcelain.

5) Make time to game with your friends and family.

Some of our best gaming memories come from the people we played with more than the game itself. Even though everything feels like it’s flying by, push yourself to set aside time and game with your loved ones - whether it’s virtually or in person.

6) Clean out your ever-expanding game backlog.

We are obligated to include this one, but let’s be honest with ourselves. You’re not going to do this. We’re not going to do this. Maybe just cross one game off the list before this time next year. Is that too much to ask?

7) Practice forgiveness by giving that one game a well-deserved second chance.

Not every game is “love at first play,” whether it’s due to poor PC performance or missing key features you expected. However, some games have earned a revisit by noticeably improving their experience since launch. Titles like FFXIV, No Man’s Sky, Hunt: Showdown, and more deserve a second chance in your game rotation!

8) Play that indie game your friend won’t shut up about.

Some of the most innovative modern gaming experiences come from creative indie titles, like Inscryption and Stardew Valley, developed by passionate teams that deserve your support. Whether it’s a recommendation from a friend, your favorite YouTuber, or one you find independently, try something outside your comfort zone this year.

9) Work toward improving your desk setup.

This recommendation applies to people who work from home or game at their desks. There’s no need to drastically upgrade your setup, it can be something cosmetic like a cute collectible or practical like a larger mousepad.

10) Practice using a different input method in your favorite games. 

Like riding a bike, once you’ve learned a certain input method, whether it be a controller or keyboard, it feels second-nature to use. But what if you challenge yourself to make the switch for a few matches every so often? It could produce some interesting results over time!

Wrapping Up

That’s our list of unique resolutions to accomplish in the new year, but we’re curious if you had any in mind already. Comment below what goals you have in mind for 2022. It can be anything from this list or one you’ve set for yourself - we would love to hear from you!

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