Your Gaming Mouse Becomes an Intelligent Paintbrush with NVIDIA Canvas

Glorious HQ

June 25, 2021

We've all used our gaming mice to pull off fantastic trick shots or direct armies of soldiers, but what about as an elegant paintbrush? NVIDIA Canvas is here to do just that with its impressive AI technology. Like Microsoft Paint, Canvas allows you to scribble inside a blank square using your mouse to your heart's content. However, the neat trick is that a beautiful landscape is created on a square adjacent to it using artificial intelligence technology powered by an RTX graphics card.  

The colors on the left-hand square are converted almost instantly into a material you designate on the right hand side. You can use tools to create straight lines, fill large areas, and more. While this app is merely a tech demo, playing around using your mouse to create stunning mountain scenes or ocean views is a great way to kill time during the workday - we won't tell the boss.

As a reminder, this program does require an RTX-ready GPU, which includes NVIDIA's 20 series onward. There is nothing we can do to get you a new graphics card, unfortunately. However, if you are looking for an extremely precise, lightweight gaming mouse to paint with, look no further than our line of affordably priced options perfect for productivity and gaming!

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