Retro Gems: Pang Adventures

Rashko Temelkovski

July 16, 2017

Popping bubbles has never felt so modern!

If you used to spend countless hours at the arcades when you were a kid, the name Pang definitely holds a special place in your heart. It was, and still is an amazingly simple and addictive game you can play solo or with a friend.

That's why you should be happy to learn there is a modern remake, titled Pang Adventures, available on Steam for $10. Naturally, it keeps the old formula intact, with the addition of a couple of new features. So, let's list its major pros and cons.

Why you should play it

  • The core gameplay is still equally fun and addictive (yes, we enjoy popping bubbles, okay?)
  • New bubble effects, weapons and bosses shake up the formula a bit
  • Local co-op mode is a blast
  • Online co-op mode, but...

What might put you off

  • Very difficult to find someone to play online
  • Art style not exactly faithful to the original game
  • Some single/multiplayer modes locked at first

Plays similarly to

 Snow Bros, Tumblepop, many other games from the arcade era


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