Amazon's New World Beta Comes to a Close

Glorious HQ

August 03, 2021

With the New World beta ending yesterday, players have mixed reactions regarding Amazon's ambitious MMORPG. First announced in September 2016, the game has had a tumultuous ride to its August 31st release date.

Amazon's previous title, Crucible, flopped on release, and the corporate giant is not the most patient when its games fail. Like Google, they are not afraid to pull the plug on a project that does not receive immediate acclaim.

The future of New World is speculative, but the game has garnered a strong Reddit community of ~78k adventurers throughout the beta. Many of the users praise how nostalgic the MMO feels while also having stunning graphics and innovative gameplay.

This innovative gameplay includes its survival and crafting mechanics akin to Minecraft, ARK, and other recent titles. This reliance on materials, crafting, recipes, and more has been polarizing within the player base.

Sarah over at PC Gamer found the grind needlessly frustrating. She found the melee combat to be clunky and awkward but hesitated to use ranged bow combat due to the need to micromanage constantly and craft arrows.

Popular MMO streamer, Asmongold, felt the game needed a little more time in development before being released. He felt the game was buggy and "not ready" in its current state. Hopefully, the developers iron out these bugs and glitches before the final release.

During the pandemic's lockdown, the time sink required for games like this seemed achievable. However, as days get filled with work, in-person events, and other activities, grind-heavy games become more of a chore for the average player.

However, suppose Amazon Games Orange County, the game's developer, is proactive and takes feedback from the community. In that case, New World could be a highly innovative entry into the MMORPG genre.

Team members here at Glorious have received access to the beta, and their impressions have been largely positive. So, we are excited to see the game officially released.

Did you get a chance to play the New World beta? Let us know your impressions below; we would love to hear how your brief time in Aeternum was!

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