Indie Gems: Dead Cells

Rashko Temelkovski

August 12, 2018

Dead Cells. The game that has been getting a lot of attention recently (and even got an IGN writer fired). It left early access just under a week ago and it's one of the great examples of developers listening to gamers and knowing what exactly they want. That's why it comes as no surprise that gamers and critics from all around the world are full of praise for it. This is also the reason we decided to include it as our latest Indie Gems entry.

Why you should play it

  • Early access done right. Game is amazingly polished
  • Incredibly tight controls and gameplay
  • Very satisfying game mechanics and progression
  • Random level generation
  • Daily challenge system
  • Future content (DLC) will apparently be free to get

What might put you off

  • If you do not appreciate the concept of Roguevania, you may not like it
  • You may feel like you're doing too much grinding, especially in the beginning
  • Difficulty may occasionally get frustrating

Plays similarly to

Guacamelee!, The Binding of Isaac, Risk of Rain

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