How to Play the Latest Battlefield 2042 Open Beta

Glorious Zach

October 06, 2021

The Battlefield 2042 Open Beta is now available to download for free on Steam. Starting today, October 6th, the beta is available for players with early access via preordering the game or EA Play account holders. An EA Play account is $4.99 a month, so the cheapest way to play the beta immediately is to subscribe, play the beta, and then cancel your subscription directly after. Finally, on Friday, October 8th, the open beta will open to all players who download the beta until Sunday, October 10th.

While this beta process is a little convoluted, we are still excited to be boots on the ground for DICE's latest shooter. The near-future setting opens up a vast world of exciting gameplay mechanics, and we hope 2042 returns the series to the highs it saw when Battlefield 3 and 4 were released.

For more information regarding the beta, or the game as a whole, check out EA's official beta page. Whether you have early access or not, the beta is available for download on Steam right now, and we suggest pre-loading it to maximize your time on the battlefield once you finally gain entrance. We look forward to seeing you out there!

Are you interested in joining the open beta? What is your favorite entry in the Battlefield series? We have a special place in our heart for Bad Company 2. Let us know in the comments below - we would love to hear from you!

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