Here's How To Buy Rocket Pass Premium on Rocket League

Glorious Zach

August 26, 2021

Like most multiplayer games nowadays, Rocket League has incorporated a battle pass progression system called a Rocket Pass. Each Rocket Pass, and its respective awards, change every four months.

Each Pass has two tiers, one free and one premium. The free tier unlocks rewards every few tiers, but the premium pass guarantees an exciting item every step of the way.


Follow these simple steps to upgrade your Rocket Pass to premium:

1) Open Rocket League on Steam

2) At the main menu, scroll down to "Rocket Pass."

3) The game should now present you with the Rocket Pass screen.

4) If you are on mouse and keyboard, click on the "Get Premium" prompt in the top left corner - if an Xbox controller, press X.

5) The game will prompt you with two options: Rocket Pass Premium and the Rocket Pass Premium Bundle.

Note: The bundle gives you premium access while also immediately granting you 12 tiers.

6) Choose your desired option, and Steam will take you to a screen for payment if you don't have enough in-game coins.

7) Once purchased, congratulations! You are now the proud owner of Rocket League's Rocket Pass Premium!


The quickest way to level up the Rocket Pass for free is to play with friends and complete challenges. Weekly there are quick and easy challenges to complete that offer massive XP rewards.

Additionally, there are more intensive season challenges that offer even greater rewards. Working to knock these out will help you speed through the pass in no time at all.

What are your favorite unlockable items in this season's pass? Let us know in the comments below - we would love to hear from you! We are digging the cowboy aesthetic of Season 4, and the horse engine noise is just so entertaining.

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