Official Hearthstone Wild tournament to take place after May

Rashko Temelkovski

April 30, 2017

If you've been actively playing Hearthstone for a while, you already know there is a new Standard format that introduced various restrictions on decks, causing the old format to be known as Wild. There's also a chance you're not happy with this change, resulting in you not playing Hearthstone as much as you used to.

However, we believe now may be the perfect time to get back to the Warcraft universe in a collectible card form and put your Wild cards to the test. Just two days ago, Blizzard tweeted that an official Wild tournament will be held sometime after May (with more info to come in the upcoming weeks).

Naturally, in order to participate in the tournament, you have to qualify first. Fortunately, the rule is simple (or is it): you need to be among the best 64 ranked Wild-mode players at the end of May. So, make sure you check and update your Wild decks before entering the arena, and unleash your wild side!

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