Halo Infinite Technical Preview & Full Multiplayer Match Reveal

Glorious HQ

July 29, 2021

The Halo Infinite hype train is in full motion here at Glorious. Yesterday, the team over at 343 Industries gave us a technical preview for the game's multiplayer and showed off a full match. We highly recommend checking it out!

343 delayed Halo Infinite from its original Holiday 2020 release to a Fall 2021 launch date, and the game is all the better for it. The graphics, gameplay, sounds, and more are shoulders above the preview we got this time last year.

The fact that Infinite multiplayer is free-to-play and features Xbox and P.C. cross-play only sweeten the deal. Hopefully, this will give the game excellent longevity and a dedicated community.

The game is currently set for a Holiday 2021 release with no specific launch date yet. On July 29th, 343 Industries began hosting its closed beta to test its mechanics.

This reservation-only preview lasts until August 1st. So, hopefully, we get more information regarding an official launch date soon!

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