Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster's Fugly Font Frustrates Fans

Glorious HQ

July 01, 2021

During E3 2021, Square Enix announced that FF II, III, IV, V, and VI, are coming to mobile and PC in a new "Pixel Remastered" form. These remakes promise a universal update to the pixel graphics found in these retro titles alongside a rearranged soundtrack and improved gameplay. Exciting right? Especially because Final Fantasy fans considered the current Steam ports subpar compared to the GBA and mobile versions.

However, screenshots of Pixel Remastered gameplay has recently caused an uproar online. The main topic of discussion seems to be the ugly font choice. When playing an RPG, you expect a certain degree of immersion. From the music to the landscapes and even the start menu, the game's entire purpose is to transport you. The font may seem like a small detail in the grand scheme of these remakes, but it can take a player out of the moment when they look photoshopped into the game.

Other than just looking out of place, some fans pointed out that the font is too tiny, squashed due to aspect ratio issues, and even eye-destroying due to the stark white color. So far, there has been no statement made by the development team regarding correcting this unsightly font choice. However, fans are sure to quickly come up with a font patch of their own that players can mod into the game.

The Steam pages for the remakes are already up for fans to pre-order. Additionally, you can pre-order a collection bundling these titles.

What are your thoughts on these remasters? Have you played the early Final Fantasy games before? Let us know in the comments below - we would love to hear from you!

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