DreamHack Beyond's Awesome Virtual Experience

Glorious HQ

July 26, 2021

The pandemic has put a significant damper on in-person events across all industries, with gaming being no exception. However, this roadblock has bred some pretty unique innovations for expos and conferences.

A prime example is this year's DreamHack Beyond. Unlike the traditional DreamHack event, which takes place in person and features booths, LAN parties, and more, this event is entirely virtual.

Following this link will take fans to sign up for the digital conference. Once logged in, DreamHack introduces you to an isometric point-and-click game hosted entirely inside your browser.

Character customization is...interesting to say the least in DreamHack Beyond.

After a brief tutorial, players are free to roam around the conference as they would in the real world. You see other visitors, peruse various event halls, and even locate fun collectibles - it's a unique experience we highly suggest trying out if you are a fan of PC gaming.

The event, which started on July 24th, runs until the 31st. So, you still have some time to check it out!

Do you think these virtual events are going to last long after the pandemic is over? Do you miss going to in-person conferences, or do you prefer a totally virtual experience? Let us know in the comments below; we would love to hear from you!

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