Apex Legends proves the battle royale fever is still going strong

Rashko Temelkovski

February 10, 2019

There's a new battle royale game in town... and its name is *Apex Legends. A game that appeared out of nowhere, which should definitely raise some eyebrows, considering it was published by Electronic Arts. But based on initial impressions, it seems that EA have played the right cards this time. Millions of players are already competing in this squad-based shooter and asking the obvious question: will it top Fortnite?

A question that may remain unanswered for a while. After all, Fortnite is still the BIGGEST NAME among battle royale games. But the truth is, it doesn't matter. The fact that 10 million players gave Apex a try within 72 hours of its release speaks volumes about the popularity of the genre. And the genre itself is the real winner here.

Make no mistake, there have been some similar games along the way that never managed to live up to the reputation of battle royale shooters. Some were poorly optimized, while others were just plain boring. This "encouraged" a lot of people to start the rumor - the genre is slowly dying. Turns out, it was just waiting for the next big game. In other words, it was waiting for Apex Legends.

These are just some of the things that come to mind when discussing Apex:
  • Developed by Respawn, the people who worked on Titanfall.
  • Announced and released on the same day (no hype trains of any kind).
  • Great performance, fantastic optimization.
  • Next-gen graphics, rich in details.
  • Released as a polished full game, not beta.
  • Global server network (no EU or US servers).
  • Cross platform multiplayer in the works.
  • A fusion of elements that made other BR games popular.
  • Introducing new elements to the well-known formula.
  • Decent monetization.

So, what's next? Personally, I think we'll see millions and millions of people catch the Apex Legends fever and praise it as the best BR game in recent years. Even more will make the same statement once cross platform multiplayer becomes available. But let's not forget that, at the end of the day, this only proves one thing - the battle royale genre is very much alive and kicking!

*This game plays great with The GMMK (bundled with Gateron Reds) and 3XL mousepad.

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