Get the 2013 Shadow Warrior Special Edition for free on Humble Store

Rashko Temelkovski

July 21, 2017

Yes, we know you're all craving for some Wang. But what if we told you that you could get some free Wang (ends 10 am PT on July 22)?

The Special Edition of 2013 Shadow warrior is free on Humble Store. And by free, we mean you can get the core game and some extras - a few bonus weapons, the official Shadow Warrior digital artbook, and the game's soundtrack - without paying anything.

Simply head over to Humble Store, add the game to your cart and finalize the order. That's it! And while there are still gamers who think that the original game is the only one where you get to play with the real Wang (it's perma-free on Steam, by the way), it's difficult to argue that the updated 2013 version is an enjoyable, fast-paced shooter with humor that's often so bad, it's good.

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