Step-By-Step Guide To Configuring Your GMMK PRO Using QMK


Apr 13 2021

QMK, or Quantum Mechanical Keyboard, is an open-source, community-centered configuration tool for keyboards and other input devices. The GMMK PRO supports QMK for remapping its keymap, allowing users to customize their board. QMK software is handy for creating layers, moving around specific keys, adding functions, etc.

QMK requires a simple setup process that can seem daunting at first, but we've designed this handy guide to make it quick and easy - getting you up and running with little hassle. Follow each step closely as we help you create your keymap, load it into QMK's toolbox configurator tool, and finally flash, or load, it onto your GMMK PRO.

The GMMK PRO also utilizes the Glorious Core software, so we will teach you how to revert your keyboard back to being able to utilize this proprietary tool.

A reminder that QMK Firmware on GMMK Pro will not be compatible with Glorious Core.

Once loaded, you will need to flash it back before you can take advantage of Glorious Core’s features.

Creating your keymap

1. Get your firmware by navigating to in your browser of choice. 

2. Go up to the “KEYBOARD” dropdown box and select “gmmk/pro”

3. Use the tabs at the bottom to configure your keyboard layout. 
a. ANSI contains your standard key functions for ANSI board layouts. 
b. ISO contains your standard key functions for ISO board layouts. 
c. Quantum contains the functions needed to access your board’s layers. In this tab, you will find the invaluable “MO” function that allows you to quickly swap between layers. For more information about working with layers in QMK, check out this handy video
d. Keyboard Settings contains backlighting and RGB controls. Disclaimer: Currently, RGB lighting does not work on the GMMK PRO when utilizing QMK. We are working to address this issue as soon as possible. 
e. App, Media, and Mouse holds assignable mouse, multimedia and application controls.

4. Define your keymap by dragging and dropping keymaps into their desired locations. 

a. You can also click on an empty slot, then click on the keymap you want to be placed there.

5. To save this keymap you created for future changes, click the “Export Keymap” button. This will save the keymap as a .json file that can be imported later using the “Import Keymap” button.

6. Once you are satisfied with your keymap, compile your firmware using the “Compile” button. Once compilation is complete, the green button to “Download Firmware” will be available to click.


Loading your Keymap into qmk tool

1. Now that you have firmware ready to use, now you will want to flash that firmware onto your GMMK Pro. To do that first download the QMK Toolbox here: 

2. For Windows users, download the file: qmk_toolbox.exe. Mac users download the file: QMK_Toolbox.pkg. Make sure to download the latest version.

3. Navigate to where you downloaded the QMK toolbox and open the file. 

a. For some users, Windows will warn you when attempting to open this file. Check your antivirus and open using administrator access if necessary.

4. (Windows Only) When opening the QMK toolbox for the first time, you will be prompted to install drivers. If there is not a prompt to do so, right click at the bottom of the window and click “Install Drivers…” 
a. This should only be done once unless there is an error downloading the drivers.
b.It is recommended you restart your computer after installing these drivers.

5. Launch the QMK toolbox again, and press the open button. Select the QMK keymap file you created in the “Creating Your Keymap” section. Press the open button once selected.

Note: Choosing the wrong keymap file here will cause your GMMK PRO to stop functioning, so be sure it is the correct file. Correcting this is as simple as opening up the correct firmware file. 


6. Leave the “MCU (AVR) Only” dropdown at its default value - no need to change it.

Flashing your Keymap

1. To put your GMMK PRO into bootloader mode, you must first unplug it. Before plugging it back in, hold the SPACEBAR and B at the same time while plugging the cable back in. 

a. You should see a message in the QMK Toolbox that indicates that your board is in STM DFU Bootloader Mode.

2. Click the “Flash” button to flash the keymap onto your board.

3. You can now close QMK Toolbox. Your new keymap is now successfully flashed to your GMMK PRO. 

a. More detailed instructions and alternate ways of flashing are located here on this page in the QMK official docs:

(Alternative method) Hard Bootloader mode

1. Unscrew all the base plate screws on the backside of your GMMK PRO. Keep your screws in a safe place or on a piece of tape so you do not lose them.

2. Lightly tug on the base plate and lift the base plate 1-2 inches from the PCB board. Do this lightly and slowly as there is a 2-3 inch cable that is attached to the base plate and the PCB board.

3. You should see a button on the PCB board that is visible through the foam padding.

4. Simply hold this button down and plug the GMMK PRO back into the PC.

5. You are now in STM DFU bootloader mode.

6. Refer to Step 2 of Flashing Your Keyboard to continue with the flashing process.


1. Download the Glorious Core .bin file located here.

2. Launch the QMK Toolbox and press the open button once again under the Local File text box.

3. Leave the “MCU (AVR) Only” dropdown at its default value - no need to change it.

4. To put your GMMK PRO into bootloader mode, you must first unplug it. Before plugging it back in, hold "FN" + "\" for ANSI models and "FN" + "Backspace" for ISO at the same time while plugging the cable back in.

Note: These are the default key combinations for activating bootloader mode, and if they do not work, please reference your QMK keymap.

5. You should see a message in the QMK Toolbox that indicates that your board is in STM DFU Bootloader Mode.

6. Click the “Flash” button to flash the keymap onto your board.

7. You should now be able to close the QMK Toolbox if the file was successfully flashed onto the board. Your GMMK PRO should have full Glorious Core functionality once again.  


Q: Can I use Glorious Core after flashing my new keymap using the QMK toolbox?
A: No, you will need to flash the Glorious Firmware .bin file back onto the GMMK PRO to regain Core functionality.

Q: I chose the wrong keymap file, and now my GMMK PRO is not working properly. How do I fix this?
A: No need to worry, simply open up the file explorer in the QMK toolbox and reselect the proper keymap file.

Q: Do I need to choose an “MCU (AVR) Only” from the dropdown menu in the QMK toolbox?
A: No, the GMMK PRO does not require you to do so.

Q: How do I put my GMMK PRO in bootloader mode?
A: Unplug your GMMK PRO, hold the SPACEBAR and B simultaneously, and finally plug it back in. The GMMK PRO also has a physical button to initiate bootloader mode, and this required disassembly of the board. Please refer to “(Alternative Method) Hard Bootloader Mode” for more information on that.