Presenting, Model D.

Shazim M

October 30, 2019

Say hello to the Glorious Model D. 
The second of four.

We have taken everything we have learned from Model O and O- and applied to an ergonomic frame to deliver a high-quality lightweight Ergonomic mouse at an affordable price.


Coming December 2019.

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Sign Up for Model D Launch Updates:

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Pink Variant Please!

Esketetetet @ 2020-06-05 00:18:05 -0500

Just bought the model d a week ago. By far thecomfiest and best tracking mouse ove ever tried. But my left mouse click is a little loose and adter the click there is a very wheird extra space which is very mushy and it gets stuck there sometimes.

Wouter @ 2020-05-25 17:30:13 -0500

D- sakura pink plz

VLADISLAV VOLOBUEV @ 2020-05-22 08:11:48 -0500

mouse blue

blue @ 2020-05-22 05:04:14 -0500

We need a pink and blue one of these!

Pink @ 2020-05-18 03:38:55 -0500
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This mouse looks like the deathadder but a light version.

Would really appreciate if you guys could do something like the G502 in the next letter mouse.

Why not go so far and make it wireless to <)

Good job with the ergo in this one, love the MODEL O-

Keep them coming!

November 10, 2019


Est ce que le problème de déconexion sera régler

November 09, 2019

Robert :

I hope the I or N is a lightweight versatile mouse like the G502 that would be amazing

November 09, 2019

Bryce Gillenwater:

I agree with the guy who said we need a lightweight MMORPG mouse. I would snatch that up in a heartbeat. Honestly, just make a lightweight version of every category of mice.

November 08, 2019

josh miner:

does anyone know the dimensions for this glorious D?

November 07, 2019


Please mouse with side buttons for us lefties.

November 07, 2019


Pls make a model D- !!

November 06, 2019

giovanna G:

I love the model o and I use it all the time in my pizza

November 05, 2019

josh jennings:

pizza yummy with d

November 05, 2019


Is there going to be a D-?

November 05, 2019


I pray that the model I or N is a lightweight mmorpg mouse. If it is these guys would be the first to make history. This is a mouse I have been patiently waiting for ever since I found out that the Logitech G600 has a laser sensor and not an optical ….. :(. Anyone else would love a lightweight mmo mouse with an optical sensor ?

November 04, 2019

Justin Galloway:

My wallet is ready!

Definitely wanting to give this a try, since I don’t believe I have ever used an ergo mouse before. And will for sure be getting it in matte white; matte black looks sleeker, but the internal RGB effect is darn near invisible, whereas on the white, it pops all over the place, just the way I like it! I didn’t know the color of the opaque plastic would make that much of a difference!

Super excited to try this mouse out!

November 04, 2019

Adrian Chacon:

If this is a Zowie S2 size I’m set!

November 04, 2019


Please make a light mouse without…. holes…. I need my mouse to be clean :-)

November 04, 2019



I want to say that I absolutely love the Glorious Model O, but since I am one of those rare left-handed people, I would really enjoy an ambidextrous design with the side buttons on both ends. This would truly be the best for people like me, and I really hope this message is taken into consideration.

Keep up the Great Work!!

November 03, 2019

jt smith:

will there be a model d-

November 03, 2019


Zowie EC1 size?

November 03, 2019

sem verpaalen:

paypal me i need money for this mouse man.

November 03, 2019


Im so glad that you guys are making a mouse like that. I love the reazer Deathadder and this is clearly a fit competitior. I was going to get a new all Razer setub bc the Model O makes my Hand a bit crampy since theyre big, but now I can gladly revide my descision. Cant wait for the launch :)

November 03, 2019


This model looks exactly like the model o but just shaped differently lol. I think it will probably be more comfortable for the hand since it’s curved a little more.

November 03, 2019

Adrian Hellström :

Hope this gonna be a Zowie ec1 size because there are no ultralight in that size so its gonna sell really good then:)

November 03, 2019


Can u make one Ultralight 2 size I have real small hands

November 02, 2019

Nick Schweik:

Honest I expected more rather than just a model o that is right handed, maybe wireless, or even lighter?!?

November 02, 2019

Chad Sugden:

PLEASE BE EC1 SIZE!!!!! we need LARGE light weight gaming mice… my final mouse is still to small for me.

November 02, 2019


I’d love a version where the scroll wheel could be pressed to the sides. I’m ignorant in what it takes to get these mice this light but it seems at first glance to be an easy way to add two additional keybinds to the mouse which would be loved

November 02, 2019


Im really excited for this one! The second of four maybe a hint that 2 wireless are coming?😱

November 02, 2019


Please make a new chord and pleeease don’t destroy it again with the packaging

November 01, 2019


Glad I just got the O _

November 01, 2019


If this is an EC1 lightweight clone with an extra button below the scroll wheel and programmable macros and software set DPI, I’m SET!

November 01, 2019


I wish you will release a shorter version of G Pro wireless shape mice 120mm to 122mm. That would be awesome!

November 01, 2019

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