Glorious PC Gaming Race Keyboard & Wristrest Review - Unlocked

Rashko Temelkovski

May 12, 2017

So far we've posted several video reviews of our products. This time, though, we'd like to share something different with you, guys. We're talking about a great textual Glorious PC Gaming Race Keyboard & Wristrest Review.

Glorious PC Gaming Race Keyboard & Wristrest Review by Unlocked

Yes, the awesome guys at Unlocked recently finished writing a very detailed review of our mechanical keyboard and the glorious gaming wooden wrist rest, so we suggest that you check it out. They discuss all the major aspects you should consider before deciding whether to get aboard the Glorious PC gaming race train: design, functionality, comfort, longevity and much more. In other words, they really put our products to the test. So if you're not a big fan of video reviews, this one should be right up your alley!

Here's an excerpt that we really like (one out of many):

"So, just what the hell is a modular keyboard?

It’s just what it sounds like. It means you can replace any or all of the switches without any soldering or wiring expertise required. This is definitely keyboard-enthusiast level stuff here, but that’s exactly who the brand is targeting.

The GMMK ships with Brown Gateron switches, which are essentially Cherry clones. Even if you don’t get around to swapping out the switches, these Gaterons are a solid choice. 

The good news is that this means pretty much any Cherry switch will fit so, regardless of your preference, this keyboard could theoretically last you a VERY long time."

We dare say that's very accurate. Again, you'll find the rest of the review here.

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Ultimately, you can grab our 25mm Glorious Wrist Rests on sale over at Amazon for $19.95, this week only! With 695 reviews and a 4.5/5 rating, you can rest assured your wrists will get all the comfort you've ever wanted, especially during extended gaming sessions. However, if you prefer wood over foam, the Glorious PC Gaming Race Keyboard & Wristrest Review has you covered.

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