Glorious Model D Reservations Information

Shazim M

November 07, 2019

We know you’ve been waiting patiently. It’s almost time.


Please stay tuned for further updates on Model D Global Launch.


Here’s how it will work:

By placing a reservation, we will guarantee you’ll be able to order your mouse as soon as the first batch is ready to ship (2-5 weeks after reservations close). That means anybody who wants a mouse, can get it ASAP.

The reservation cost is $5 per unit.

*We’ll credit this amount to the final order total when you complete it prior to shipment.*

2-5 weeks after reservations close, once we have the product ready for delivery, you will receive a notification with instructions to complete your order and pay the remaining balance.

Once this notification is sent out, you’ll have a 1 week period to complete your order before Model D officially launches to the general public. After launch day, we can no longer guarantee you’ll be able to get the mouse before the first batch sells out. 

As soon as you complete your order, we’ll process it for immediate shipment.

Changed your mind after placing a reservation? No worries, you can cancel your reservation at any time for a full refund. All reservations not completed will automatically be canceled and refunded 1 day after launch.

Note: A reservation is not a Pre-order.

You are not buying a mouse for $5. You're paying $5 to guarantee the option to buy one as soon as it’s ready to ship. The full price of the mouse is between $49.99 - $59.99 depending on your choice of coating. The $5 you pay now will be discounted from your final total.

You have no obligation to order the mouse if you place a reservation. And you do not have to place a reservation to be able to order the mouse after the official launch date.

International Partners

The Model D will also be available from several of our international partners on launch day. Some of them may have their own pre-order or reservation process. Please contact the retailer directly for additional info.

[List of International Partners]

Confirmed partners that will have Model D units on launch day:

      Please Note: We do not control pricing, fulfillment, or pre-orders of any 3rd party authorized retailer or international distributor. If you place an order outside of the website, be aware we cannot guarantee stock or delivery times. Please contact your retailer for detailed information about their ordering process.

      If your region is not listed, don’t worry - we offer direct worldwide shipping through the Glorious webstore. More local retailers for the Model D will be added in the near future.

      Quick Recap of the reservation process:

      • Step 1: You can place a reservation for Model D between 11/18/19 @ 11:00 AM CST - and 12/2/19 @ 11:59 PM CST on the Glorious PC Gaming Race website.
       * Reservations cost $5 per unit, completed through our normal store checkout process.
      • Step 2: 2-5 weeks after reservations close, you will receive an email notification with instructions to complete your order.
      • Step 3: You will have 1 week after notifications are sent to complete your order before we launch the Model D to the general public. If you do not complete your reservation 24 hours after launch your reservation will automatically be canceled and refunded.
      * When you complete your order, the $5 already paid will be deducted from the final total. You will pay the remainder through our normal store checkout process.
      • Thats it, Your Order Ships

        Important Information about Reservations:

        • Reservations are tied to your email account. If you don't create an account during the reservation checkout process, ensure you create one here.
        • To cancel your reservation: We will automatically cancel and refund all unused reservations 24 hours after the Global Launch of Model D.
        • Model D will officially go on sale to the general public 1 week after reservation order notifications are sent out. After launch, Model D can be purchased by anybody without a reservation.
        • Make sure you carefully read the important notes and FAQ below.


        Q: Why are we doing reservations?

        A: We want to ensure that anybody who wants a mouse can get one as soon as possible. Reservations are the best way for us to accurately predict how many units we need to have ready to ship on launch day. To ensure we're able to meet our fulfillment standards we will be capping the number of reservations available. If you miss reservations we will have more units available for purchase on Global Launch Day. Though we plan to keep Model D in stock, initial quantities may be limited depending on demand.

        We do intend to keep the Model D in stock on our web store for anybody to order. However due to our finite production capacity, depending on demand we cannot guarantee it won't sell out for a short period of time while we restock.  

        Q: Why not do regular Pre-Orders?

        A: We don't want to tie up your money until we actually have the product in our warehouses and can give you an exact date of delivery.


        Q: When is launch day?

        A: Our global launch day target will be sometime in mid-December or early January 2020. Exact dates to be announced as soon as possible.

        Q: Will I have the Model D in time for Christmas?

        A: We advise you to not get this item as a Christmas gift as we cannot guarantee the exact release date/shipment date at this time. 

        Q: Why can’t you just give an exact date when I’ll be able to complete my order now?

        A: We don’t like giving false promises. Unforeseen circumstances happen, and the time for our manufacturers to complete production within our standards of quality will be dependent on demand. Once reservations are complete we’ll be able to give you a more accurate date.

        Q: Where do I go to place a reservation?

        A: Go to on November 18th. 

        Q: What is the full price of the Model D?

        A: The price of your mouse will depend on the coating type you choose during the ordering process. The Matte Black and Matte White versions will cost $49.99 + Shipping & Handling. The Glossy Black and Glossy White versions will cost $59.99 + Shipping & Handling.

        Q: Can I edit my reservation after I have placed it?

        A: You have 30 minutes to modify your order once you have placed it. After that, we cannot modify reservations.  

        Q: I placed a reservation but don’t want to order the mouse anymore, can I get a refund?

        A: Yes, we will automatically cancel and refund your reservation 24 hours after the global launch. All you have to do is simply nothing and wait :)

        Q: I reserved my Model D but want to change my mailing address.

        A: Don’t worry, you will go through the checkout process again when your unit is ready for delivery and you can update your address then.

        Q: Can I reserve the Model D on any of the international partner sites?

        A: No - reservations are only made through

        Q: If I reserve, will I receive my unit earlier than those on launch day?

        A: Most likely, yes - we will start processing reservation orders about a week before launch day for our reservation holders.

        Q: I missed the reservation window, am I screwed?

        A: No, the Model D will officially go on sale to the public 1 week after order notifications are sent out to reservation holders. After that time, anybody can order it. This is not a limited run item - we will do our best to keep up with demand into the foreseeable future. However, we cannot guarantee stock or restocking times if it sells out at any point. So if you think you might want the mouse ASAP, we highly recommend reserving.

        Q: Is there a shipping charge/fee?

        A: Yes, there will be a shipping fee when you are invited to complete your Model D order. Shipping within the USA will be about $7.99. International rates vary (around $10-$15+ depending on location, customs/duties fees may apply).

        Q: Will there be any additional accessories available with the Model D?

        A: Yes, you will have the option of buying extra G-Skates Mouse Feet and a mouse bungee when completing your Model D purchase.


        Q: Will I be able to see any reviews for the Model D before completing my order?

        A: Yes - A very limited number of trusted independent reviewers have been given early access to the Model D prior to launch. Their reviews will go live on or before launch day.

        Q: Will the Model D be available on Amazon?

        A: No. The Model D will only be available through the website and our international partners.




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        January 18, 2020


        I have a couple of questions about the glorious model D, namely. Was there a problem with usb when the computer did not see it? Was the build quality of the device improved? Sorry for the errors, I wrote through the translator!

        December 08, 2019


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        Former Customer :

        Buy a different mouse, you won’t regret it. Model O is overpriced and poor quality and Glorious won’t honor their warranty when it fails. Support is a joke. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

        November 18, 2019



        November 14, 2019



        November 14, 2019


        Will there be a model D- like there’s a model O-?

        November 13, 2019

        Claudio Garibay:

        I bought my model O a few hours ago I can return it and get my money back and buy the model D?

        November 10, 2019


        and about the payment methods, only credit cards and paypal??

        November 09, 2019



        November 08, 2019



        November 08, 2019

        Adiya Erdenebileg:

        You need to do make something special offers for who made reservation something like free print their name on the mouse or free mouse bungee … like this

        November 07, 2019


        The only item I
        will pre-order

        November 07, 2019


        Preorder without any specs/size ? Cmon

        November 07, 2019

        Mauricio Carcoba Cardenas:

        When are you shipping to

        November 07, 2019

        Jake Kirwan:

        Will this be in the Black Friday deals?

        November 07, 2019

        Alru Waldeck:

        We need specs and dimensions before.

        November 07, 2019

        Andray Sumeer:

        Hey There,

        I know this may sound like a weird question, but can I buy stocks in your company as you guys are phenomenal with products and customer service.

        I would like to invest in you guys since I see the true potential of your company.

        Please let me know!

        Thanks and have yourself a wonderful day!

        November 07, 2019


        Can you make a pink one, please?!

        November 07, 2019


        What is the size, please release the information finally!!!!

        November 07, 2019


        What is the size, please release the information finally!!!!

        November 07, 2019


        specs? size?

        November 07, 2019


        any official size?

        November 07, 2019

        Nick rozenberg:

        Wanted to know will the model d ship to Israel

        November 07, 2019


        Glad to see an ergonomic mouse coming from you guys, I’m excited to sign up.

        Haters be damned, this will be a welcome addition to my model 0, not a huge fan of symmetrical mice. looking forward to the improvements you guys mentioned.

        November 07, 2019

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