Glorious Black Friday - Cyber Monday 2021

Glorious HQ

November 11, 2021

The moment you've all been waiting for is almost here - BFCM deals are right around the corner! This huge 4-day event is our biggest sale of the year. It begins on November 26th at Midnight (12 AM ET) and features unbelievable deals of up to 65% off on all your favorite Glorious PC gaming peripherals and accessories.

**UPDATE: The sale is live! You can access the official sales page here to view all the deals: **

Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sales Details

• Discounts will go live on 11/26 at 12 AM ET only on and continue through 11/29 @ 11:59 PM ET.

• Two incredible doorbuster deals featuring our wired mice and GMMK keyboards will kick off the weekend - each deal limited to only 2,500 orders.

• Almost everything else on our site will have discounts of up to 65% off.

• No code required to access this sale. All discounts will be automatically applied at checkout.

Doorbuster Deals

Feeling fast? This year we’ll once again be offering 2 incredible doorbuster deals. Limited to one of each bundle per cart.

The doorbuster bundle you pick is final and cannot be modified after checking out. We can only cancel your order, which may result in the doorbuster bundle being sold out before you can add it to your cart again.

The Wired Mouse Doorbuster Bundle comes with everything you need for a competitive edge at a massive savings of up to 46% off!

• Any wired mouse ( Model O, O-, D, or D-) in your preferred color
• An XL cloth mousepad or a hybrid-surface Elements pad
• Your favorite colored Ascended Cable.
• G-Skates or G-Floats mouse feet
• Grip Tape
• A black or white mouse bungee

The GMMK Keyboard Doorbuster Bundle allows you to configure your ideal mechanical keyboard setup while saving up to 46% off!

• Black GMMK keyboard in your preferred size: Compact, TKL, or Full-Sized.
• lubed or unlubed versions of our critically acclaimed Glorious Panda mechanical switches (2 or 3 boxes depending on your selected board size)
• New Aura V2 keycaps ( black or white)
• Padded Wrist Wrest

Doorbusters are extremely limited, and typically sell out very soon after midnight. You’ll need to be there right when the e-gates open if you want to snag one.

Act Fast

Last year, we saw record sales numbers with many items quickly selling out. With the pandemic still affecting shipping and manufacturing this year, if you want to guarantee the best deals possible before the holidays, we highly recommend being on the site as soon as the sale goes live!

Queue System

There will be an automatic checkout queue to prevent the site from crashing due to the sudden traffic BFCM brings. Make sure to add the items you want in your cart before the doorbuster deals go live for the greatest chance to successfully complete your order.

Note: Doorbuster deals cannot be added to your cart prior to the sale going live. This applies to individual items you would want in addition to these bundles.

Additional Details

• Some new products are excluded from BFCM discounts.

• Because of the anticipated rush for BFCM, please allow up to 10 business days for us to process and ship your order. After fulfillment, shipping times may be delayed depending on carrier volume.

• For returns on doorbuster bundle deals: bundles can only be returned if they have all the items included in the bundle. Individual items from bundles cannot be returned by themselves.

Note: This does not apply to returns and replacements for broken or malfunctioning products, which our support team is happy to address.

Stay Up-To-Date

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- Stay Glorious


Doris Smith:

Interested in sales. I have 3ngrandsons.

November 15, 2021


Will the model D wireless be discounte?

November 15, 2021


Can we know what items will be excluded?

November 15, 2021

Zachary Ford:

Will you be having a sale on the GMMK pro as well, or just the GMMK?

November 15, 2021

Uri Leon Freund:

Hi there,

I’ve recently purchased a GMMK Pro with basically everything noted in the bundle of your Black Friday sale. I’ve previously messaged to inquire about any incoming sales to make sure whether I could save some money on my upcoming purchase, but was under the impression there wouldn’t be any upcoming promotions.

Would you be willing to refund the cost between my original purchase and the currently offered bundle?

Thanks in advance,

Uri Leon Freund

November 15, 2021


Will the wirless Model D/O be getting the 65% discount?

November 15, 2021


I am assuming the GMMK Pro will not be apart of the door buster deal? or have a discount?

November 15, 2021


These look awesome! Will there by any deals on wireless mice or GMMK pro?

November 15, 2021

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