You can now buy gift cards from our website

Rashko Temelkovski

February 09, 2018

You asked, we delivered. The option to buy gift cards from our website is now available. And we dare say, it's just in time for this year's Valentine's Day. Yes, our brand new gift cards can make a fine present for every gaming enthusiast who means the world to you. Or, you can just get one for yourself and be your own Valentine. We won't judge.

Buy gift cards and surprise your special someone

Okay, let's clarify something right away. We're offering our gift cards free of any additional processing fees. What this means is that you only pay for the gift card's balance, and nothing else. Speaking of which, you can currently choose from 4 different gift cards:

  • $10 gift cards
  • $25 gift cards
  • $50 gift cards
  • $100 gift cards

Redeeming a Glorious giftcard is amazingly simple

So you've finally chosen a gift card that suits your budget and now, you want to have it delivered. Worry not, as we made the procedure amazingly simple. All our gift cards are delivered by email. Opening the email, the recipient will get instructions on how to redeem the gift card at checkout. That's it!

What you can buy with our Glorious gift cards

Literally everything! All you need to do is check our website and choose the Glorious gear you want. Provided you have the required balance on your gift card, you're good to go! Can't decide for yourself? Then, do a noble deed and let your special someone decide by giving them a Glorious gift card.

So, what's it gonna be? A brand new barebones TKL keyboard? A Glorious XL Gaming mouse pad? Or you'll be content with nothing more than some basic keyboard accessories? Actually, it doesn't matter! Simply buy gift cards from our website today, and take your sweet time before ordering the Glorious gaming gear you and/or your special someone deserve.



pplllllsssss iam so lonely idont have money and i want to buy this glorius model o

April 04, 2022


Plsssssssss I am so lonely I don’t have money and I want to buy this glorious model o

October 31, 2020

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