Glorious products now available locally in Australia!

Shazim Mohammad

March 02, 2016

We have partnered up with MechKB (an AU retailer), to bring our entire product locally in the Australia region! Check them out below:



The wired matte version is around 80 dollars in aussie currency and the wireless is about 130 bucks. :)

July 29, 2021

Bailey Wright:


I was wondering with the price of the Model O price was different as I don’t know whether the shop is based in America and prices change based in which country you are in. I am in Australia and the price for the Model O wired is $49.99 and the wireless is $79.99. I am assuming that the price of the Model O in Australia is higher, but I wanted to make sure whether I am buying it for $49.99 or Australia price which is $64.61. Either one is good, just want to know the actual price :)

April 26, 2021

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