The Best Mouse, Keyboard, and Deskmat Deals (2023)

Glorious HQ

May 11, 2023

If you're a gaming enthusiast looking to enhance your gaming setup without breaking the bank, look no further! Glorious has got you covered with some unbeatable bundle deals featuring top-of-the-line accessories. Whether you're a beginner or an expert gamer, these deals are designed to take your gaming experience to new heights. 

Deal 1: Budget Mouse and Keyboard Combo

Deal 2: Deluxe Combo: PRO Keyboard, Wireless Mouse, and MORE

Deal 3: Buy a GMMK Barebones Keyboard, Get FREE ABS Keycaps

Deal 4: Buy Any Wired Mouse, Get a FREE Ascended Paracord Cable

Let's dive in and explore the game-changing products available in each deal.

Deal 1: The Budget Keyboard/Mouse/Mousepad Deal

Option 1 Includes:

• GMMK Custom Gaming Keyboard (Prebuilt)

• Any Wired Mouse

• Large Mouse Pad (Element Series)

$194.93  $119.99 USD 

GMMK Custom Gaming Keyboard (Prebuilt)

The world's first modular mechanical keyboard, the GMMK Prebuilt, offers the perfect blend of functionality and customization. It's specifically designed for gamers, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

Any Wired Gaming Mouse

Choose from an array of exceptional wired mice options. The Model O is renowned as the best FPS mouse, offering precise tracking and agility. The Model D is the go-to ergonomic mouse, ideal for both work and play. The Model I is one of the best MMO mouse with feature-rich design such as its thumb rest and 9 programmable buttons.

Glorious Element Mouse Pad

This large mouse pad, also known as a deskmat, is an essential accessory for gamers. With its ample surface area, it provides a smooth glide for your mouse, ensuring accurate and effortless movements during intense gaming sessions.

Deal 2: The Deluxe Deal - Wireless Mouse, PRO Keyboard, and MANY Accessories

This option includes:

• Any Wireless Mouse

• GMMK PRO Barebones

• Panda or Lynx Switches

• Celestial / GPBT / Aura Keycaps

• Large Mouse Pad (Elements Series) or XL Mouse Pad

• Padded Wrist Rest

$513.92  $369.90 USD

Any Wireless Gaming Mouse

Experience the freedom of wireless gaming with Glorious’ range of wireless mice. Not only do they offer exceptional precision and responsiveness, but they also boast incredible battery life, allowing you to play uninterrupted even during extended gaming sessions. And yes, you can play while you charge. We’re not Apple. 

GMMK PRO Barebones Keyboard

Choose between the linear Lynx switches or the highly acclaimed tactile Panda switches. The Lynx switches provide smooth keystrokes for fast-paced gaming, while the Panda switches deliver a satisfying tactile feedback. The Panda switches were voted the best tactile switches of 2023 by The Gaming Setup and Switch and Click.

Celestial / GPBT / Aura Keycaps:

Customize your keyboard with these premium keycap options. The Celestial series keycaps offer a unique aesthetic with their cosmos-inspired design, while the Aura are vibrant pudding keycaps for bright RGB illumination. The GPBT keycaps, made of high-quality polymer, ensure durability and a satisfying typing experience– they also come in striking colorways.

Glorious Element Mouse Pad / XL Mouse Pad

Just like in the previous deal, you have the option to choose either the Element Mouse Pad or the XL Mousepad. Both provide ample space for smooth mouse movements and can double as a deskmat, adding a touch of style to your gaming station.

Padded Wrist Rest

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the padded wrist rest provides excellent support, preventing wrist strain during long gaming sessions. It ensures comfort and allows you to focus on the game without any discomfort. Your wrists will thank you.

Deal 3: Buy a GMMK Barebones Keyboard, Get FREE ABS Keycaps

The GMMK Barebones Keyboard is legendary among gamers, offering the ultimate customization experience. It provides a solid foundation for your keyboard project with its high-quality construction and enthusiast-grade features. 

With this deal, you'll also receive a set of ABS keycaps for free. These keycaps are made from durable material, ensuring a satisfying typing experience and a stylish look for your keyboard. Customize your setup to perfection with this unbeatable offer!

Deal 4: Buy Any Wired Mouse, Get an FREE Custom Paracord

For gamers who prefer the precision and reliability of wired mice, we have an exciting deal in store. When you purchase any wired mouse from their extensive range, you'll receive a colorful Ascended Paracord for free, so you can swap it out with the default one. 

The wired mice selection includes options like the renowned Model O, perfect for FPS gaming, the ergonomic Model D for comfortable gameplay and productivity, and the feature-packed Model I for MMO enthusiasts.

The Ascended Paracord is a game-changer in itself. Well, at least a style-changer. This ultraflexible, lightweight cable replaces the default cable on your mouse, so you can swap it out with any of the vibrant colorways available. Enjoy a smooth and responsive gaming session with style.

Bottom Line

Now that you're armed with all the exciting details of these amazing deals from Glorious, it's time to level up your gaming setup. Whether you're a budget-conscious gamer or a seasoned pro looking for the ultimate customization options, Glorious has something for everyone. 

From the world's first modular mechanical keyboard to high-performance mice and stunning keycap options, these deals are a game-changer. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your gaming experience and elevate your performance. Visit Glorious Gaming's website today and take advantage of these unbeatable offers. 

Upgrade your gear and unleash your gaming potential like never before!

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