Overwatch Accessories Build Guide

Rashko Temelkovski

December 17, 2017

Blizzard Entertainment... One of THE companies that always strike gold when coming up with the next big game. And Overwatch is no exception. This fast-paced, team-based shooter can easily be enjoyed by people of all ages. But no matter if you're in it for a quick dose of fun or can't stop screaming at medics with Genji for hours on end, you will need the right gaming gear. Yes, you guessed it, it's time for our Overwatch Accessories Build Guide.

Gaming mouse

GLORIOUS MODEL O | Matte at $49.99 or Glossy at $59.99

Glorious Model O is our first gaming mouse on the market.Link to photo source

The world's lightest RGB gaming mouse. But RGB aside, this small package comes packed with all the current essential specs to take your gaming experience to the next level. Already praised by many popular YouTubers and branded as one of the best gaming mice to hit the market, you owe it to yourself to give this little guy a chance. You can check all the key specs here and choose your favorite color (black or white) / coating (matte or glossy). No matter what you pick, the time to ascend has come!

Gaming Keyboard

GMMK-TKL - customized with Gateron Red switches | $109.97

We take pride in the fact that we're offering the world’s first mechanical keyboard featuring hot-swappable switches for Cherry, Gateron, and Kailh branded switches. You can customize this beauty to your heart's content and unleash its raw gaming power in no time.

That said, we recommend the *Glorious TKL mechanical keyboard for your Overwatch sessions. No matter your technical experience, it provides you with full control and comfort. And, if you customize it with red Gateron switches, you'll be choosing many a gamer's favorite. The result? A rapid execution of the keys that will give you the instant response you need for quality frags.

*Why choose TKL over Full? The TKL keyboard is obviously smaller, giving you better control of the desk surface. Besides, Overwatch doesn't require using the numpad. You're perfectly fine without it.

Gaming mousepad

GLORIOUS XL | $14.99

Our XL gaming mousepad is very Overwatch-friendly. At $14.99, it gives you all the surface you need for large motions, and quick and precise headshots. Plus, it doesn't take too much of your desk surface.

Hint: Remember to disable Enhanced Pointer precision in your mouse options. You don't need the extra "fake" acceleration. What you need when playing Overwatch is maximum precision.

Wrist rests


The typical Overwatch game is not exceptionally long. It looks great, runs great, and has a soft learning curve. In other words, it's not as exhausting as some other intense games.

And yet, you will need a wrist rest to keep your wrists healthy and comfortable at all times. We personally recommend our wooden wrist rests since they are all about providing you with maximum accuracy. However, if you're not okay with a stiff wrist rest, you can always check the thick foam one. It's a great alternative! Now, if you could only keep yourself from instalocking Hanzo in attack...

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