League of Legends Accessories Build Guide

Rashko Temelkovski

November 19, 2017

There's this popular belief among gamers that League of Legends is the proud "owner" of the most toxic community of all times. You can ask anyone who plays it about this; chances are, everyone will be willing to contribute with their own stories about toxic teammates that end up ruining the game. Of course, being the LOL gamer that you are, you most likely have toxic stories to share, too. And yet, League of Legends is one of the most popular games of all time, all genres and categories included.

The fact of the matter is, if you don't consider the "toxic element" - which may be extremely difficult to ignore - League of Legends is a fun game. It successfully puts your reflexes and teamplay to the test. That's why you need to make sure you got the right gaming gear... unless you enjoy the toxicity of it, that is. Speaking of gaming gear, here's our League of Legends Accessories Build Guide.

Gaming mouse

GLORIOUS MODEL O | Matte at $49.99 or Glossy at $59.99

Glorious Model O is our first gaming mouse on the market.Link to photo source

The world's lightest RGB gaming mouse. But RGB aside, this small package comes packed with all the current essential specs to take your gaming experience to the next level. Already praised by many popular YouTubers and branded as one of the best gaming mice to hit the market, you owe it to yourself to give this little guy a chance. You can check all the key specs here and choose your favorite color (black or white) / coating (matte or glossy). No matter what you pick, the time to ascend has come!

Gaming Keyboard

GMMK-TKL - customized with Gateron Red switches | $109.97

You didn't really think we wouldn't recommend our very own line of products, did you? Jokes aside, we always test our gaming products to make sure they are the ultimate choice for gamers worldwide.

Hence, we honestly believe you can't go wrong with our very own *Glorious TKL mechanical keyboard. No matter your technical experience, it provides you with full control and comfort. Just what you need when playing games like LOL. And, if you customize it with red Gateron switches, you'll be choosing many a gamer's favorite. The result? A rapid execution of the keys that will give you that mini-advantage needed to land a fatal blow on enemy heroes.

*Why choose TKL over Full? The TKL keyboard is obviously smaller, giving you better control of the desk surface. Besides, LOL is all about using the QWER + FG keys. You can safely survive without the numpad.

Gaming mousepad


There's really no need to explain this choice much. League of Legends uses a "singular screen". You don't have to turn around and perform wide movements with the mouse regularly. The main thing is to be quick and precise across a small area.

That's where our Glorious Large mousepad steps in. Although it's the smallest mousepad we offer, the Glorious Large still features an incredibly high-quality construction. It is best suited for normal-high DPI mouse users, and those with minimal desk space. And naturally, LOL gamers.

Wrist rests


If you want to be a pro at LOL, you need to understand motion. And by that, we mean unobtrusive motion. You will be moving your hands (and wrists) a lot, which may cause extreme discomfort if you don't stop after a few games (who does?).

Luckily, our *foam wrist rests are your perfect LOL companion. Their unique surface allows you to comfortably glide your hands, while protecting your skin from irritation. You can rest assured that your wrists will always be in the most ergonomic position possible. Now, if you could only stop being so toxic to your teammates...

*We personally think you will do slightly better if you choose the thinner wrist rest, especially if you're combining it with a TKL keyboard. However, if u have serious problems with your wrists or are playing on a really low desk, the thicker wrist rest will work just as well.

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