10 Gift Ideas for Gamers According to their Hobbies, Favorite Games, and More

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December 14, 2022

Buying for the PC gamer in your life can appear daunting. With so many options out there, where does one even begin to look? Well, look no further!

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best PC gaming gift ideas categorized by different games, interests, budgets, and more! Explore the entries that best apply to the gamer in your life, and you’ll come away feeling more confident than ever in your gift buying decisions.

For Gamers Who Play Shooter Games

Includes Warzone 2, Apex Legends, Overwatch 2, Rainbow Six Siege, and more

For First-Person Shooter (or FPS) players, speed, precision, and mobility are essential to their gameplay. Each piece of gear listed below is designed to help them excel in at least one of those three attributes.

We Recommend:

The Model O Wired Gaming Mouse

Weighing only 67 grams, this super-lightweight mouse is easy to handle and available in two sizes: Regular and Minus. The Minus edition is smaller and weighs just 58 grams.

Shop Model O

GMMK 2 Compact Gaming Keyboard

This high-performance mechanical keyboard has all the essential keys they need, while its smaller size gives their mouse plenty of space to move freely.

Shop GMMK 2

Mouse Grip Tape

Its slip-resistant design allows a firm grip on the mouse to prevent their hand from slipping during fast movements. It fits the Model O perfectly for easy application.

Shop Grip Tape

G-Floats Mouse Feet 

These ceramic mouse feet amplify the glide speed of the Model O. They can simply remove the included stock feet, and easily apply the G-Floats.

Shop G-Floats

Elements Fire Mouse Pad

This premium gaming mouse pad has a large, laminated surface that perfectly blends speed and control. Pair it with the Model O to give them unparalleled performance.

Shop Elements Pads

For Gamers Who Play Tactical Games

Includes World of Warcraft, League of Legends, DOTA 2, and more

If your gamer plays MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Video Games) or MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games), then having many functions available to them at the touch of a button is key.

We Recommend:

Model I Wired Gaming Mouse

This mouse is a must. It comes with 9 programmable buttons and 2 customizable magnetic thumb buttons, putting them in complete control of all their in-game actions.

Shop Model I

GMMK 2 Full Size Gaming Keyboard

This mechanical keyboard has all the keys of a standard full-sized keyboard for uncompromised functionality. However, its overall width is drastically smaller, giving them ample mouse room while gaming.

Shop GMMK 2

GMMK Numpad

If they prefer to use a keyboard without a full tenkey, this wireless number pad is the perfect solution. Its 17 keys, slider, and knob are all programmable to their exact gameplay needs. Each key can also save up to three different actions each, expanding their control even more!

Shop GMMK Numpad

Budget Gift Ideas

Solid gaming gear doesn’t need to break the bank. The following are thoughtful, and useful, gifts that start as low as $11.99 (before tax and shipping).

We Recommend:

Model O Wired Gaming Mouse

This mouse revolutionized the gaming mouse scene with its high-performance features, unprecedented light weight, and disruptive price. At a discounted price of $34.99 for the Holidays, you won’t find a better wired mouse deal.

Shop Model O

Wired Mouse Bungee

This clever gadget elevates their mouse’s cable off their desk, preventing bothersome bunching that could negatively affect their movements.

Shop Mouse Bungees

Collectible Switch Vinyl Toys

For keyboard enthusiasts with a passion for collecting, these cuddly critters are a must-grab. Choose between the fun-sized Panda, little Lynx, or the Fox. Or collect all three!

Shop Vinyl Toys

Keyboard Wrist Rest

Available in multiple sizes and materials to fit their keyboard, wrist rests provide exceptional ergonomic support to prevent hand cramping and fatigue from setting in. The price? Budget. The benefits? Priceless.

Shop Wrist Rests

Trident Headset Holder

Headphones and VR headsets constantly cramping their desk space? This adhesive rubber hook is mountable on almost any flat surface, and can hold up to 40lbs, adding more room to their desk and giving it a cleaner look.

Shop Trident

For Remote Professionals Who Game

When space is limited, PC gamers who work remotely have to make compromises. Or do they? Below are some hybrid gift ideas that excel at both gaming and productivity, so they’re always performing at their best.

We Recommend:

GMMK PRO Prebuilt Edition

This full-metal keyboard combines classy aesthetics with an optimal layout. It has a clean, professional look thanks to its premium components, which are customizable to meet their preferences. A true top-of-the-line keyboard.


GMMK Numpad

This premium tenkey solution is useful for both gaming shortcuts and crunching numbers. Seamless Bluetooth 5.0 LE connectivity allows them to place it anywhere on their desk.

GMMK Numpad

Model I Wired Gaming Mouse

The Model I’s comfortable ergonomic design makes it perfect for long work days and extended gaming sessions. Saveable profiles let them change the mouse’s button functions instantly depending on the task at hand.

Shop Model I

Wooden Wrist Rest

Elegant and ergonomic, this unique wrist wrest is made with premium USA-sourced hardwood. This is a must-have if they complain of hand cramping or fatigue after a long day.

Shop Wrist Rests

XXL Cloth Stealth Desk Pad

Think of it as a premium table cloth for their desk – it ties a setup together, while providing a smooth surface for the mouse to glide effortlessly. Perfect for creating a clean working and gaming area.

Shop Desk Pads

For Hobbyists Who Game

Building your own keyboard is a satisfying, and arguably addictive, process for gamers and tech enthusiasts alike. The best way to gift a keyboard kit is by getting them the barebone board, which comes without switches or keycaps, and combining it with a gift card, so they can choose the exact accessories they want. We recommend the GMMK 2 for those starting out in the hobby, and the GMMK PRO for those who are experienced in the field.

We Recommend:

GMMK 2 Barebones DIY Kit

This is the perfect entry-level keyboard thanks to its top-notch components and sleek aluminum frame. It comes in black, white, and silver, and includes a switch and keycap puller for easy assembly.

Shop GMMK 2

GMMK PRO Barebones DIY Kit

The keyboard that broke the internet. For the passionate keyboard enthusiasts, this is the board for them. This award-winning keyboard is unparalleled in its robust design, and unmatched performance. With an optimized 75% compact size and a customizable rotary knob, this board is a force to be reckoned with.


Glorious E-Gift Card

For the cherry on top, this gift card gives the recipient the freedom to choose their accessories. Take out the guesswork and let them choose the switch type, the keycap color, and more to meet their exact preferences.

Shop E-Gift Card

For Gamers Needing Desk Organization Hacks

No one likes clutter, but sometimes it’s hard to avoid. With a few desk hacks and the help of items like these, you can help the gamer in your life achieve a clean desk aesthetic.

We Recommend:

Trident Headset Holder

This organization tool is perfect for those with bulky headphones or VR headsets. The pre-installed adhesive allows them to attach this to almost any flat surface, and hang their headsets to free up valuable desk space. It can hold up to 40lbs. Win!

Shop Trident

Wired Mouse Bungee

This useful tool is a mouse cable management solution. It has an adjustable arm which holds the cable, eliminating mouse drag, and preventing cable clutter. See how this incredible mouse bungee works in this video.

Shop Mouse Bungees

XXL Cloth Mouse Pad

This item doubles up as an excellent gaming mouse pad, as well as the cozy, table cloth-like centerpiece that visually ties their desk setup together.

Shop Cloth Mousepads

For Gamers Wanting a More Colorful Setup

Sometimes all a gamer needs is a splash of color and a pinch of personality to their setup. Whether it’s with vibrant gaming accessories or cute, collectible toys, these next gift ideas are sure to add some fun to their desk layout

We Recommend:

Coiled Keyboard Cable

Not only does this cable help keep their desk clutter-free, it also adds a bold color accent to their setup. Choose from 9 vibrant colors, each with an eye-catching coiled design and a unique aviator connector. Compatible with the GMMK PRO and most USB-C keyboards.

Shop Coiled Cables

GPBT Keycaps

What better way for PC gamers to express themselves than with colorful keycaps? These premium PBT keycaps are made in 5 bold gradients, as well as in the minimalist Black Ash and Arctic White. They are compatible with most mechanical keyboards, and are the perfect addition to any setup in need of refreshing colorways.

Shop GPBT Keycaps

Ascended Cord Kit

A paracord mouse cable in their favorite color is a great way for them to customize their gaming setup. Using the Glorious software, they can adjust the RGB lighting of their mouse to match their cord for an even more cohesive look. The kit also includes new mouse feet for their mouse to enhance their glide.

Shop Mouse Cables

Switch Vinyl Toys

Half switch, half animal. These impossibly cute switch toys are a fun addition to any desk setup. They make perfect gaming companions, and are small enough to place anywhere. Choose from a Panda, Fox, or Lynx - or adopt all three!

Shop Collectible Toys

For Keyboard Enthusiasts

For keyboard enthusiasts, lubing their switches or keeping their board in pristine condition is a rewarding and satisfying ritual. Gifting an enthusiast any item that enhances their keyboard experience is a guaranteed success.

We Recommend:

Glorious Lube Bundle

This pack includes everything an enthusiast needs to modify their keyboard’s mechanical switches. The set includes a lube station, a switch puller and opener, a keycap puller, G-lube, and a lube brush.

Shop Keyboard Lubing Bundle

Switch Sample Pack

This sample pack includes 18 different switches, which allows them to try each one out to discover their preferences. They can experiment with different noise levels and press feel until they find their perfect match. The pack also includes 4 noise dampening O-Rings.

Shop Switch Sample Pack

Glorious Cleaning Kit

A clean keyboard means a happy enthusiast. This cleaning kit ensures quick, easy, and efficient maintenance. The pack includes a brush, a dust power blower, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. They can also use this kit to keep their mouse and desk clean, too!

Shop Keyboard Cleaning Kit

For Content Creators and Streamers

From having a camera-ready desk setup or a green screen mouse pad, these gift ideas are perfect for those who enjoy creating video content. Whether it’s a creative hobby or they’re professional content creators, each of the following items are a perfect addition to their workflow.

We Recommend:

Chroma Key Mouse Pad

If they create unboxing videos or product review content, or simply enjoy streaming their gameplay, this is the gift for them. They can replace the mouse pad’s bright green color with any video or image they choose. It's large size is big enough to comfortably fit both their mouse and keyboard, which is about 3 feet by 1.5 feet (91.5cm by 45.7cm).

Shop Chroma Key Mousepad


As mentioned a couple times throughout this list, the GMMK PRO is one of the best mechanical keyboards on the market – not only because of its robust build and longer life cycle, but also its premium design, perfect for those who want their desk looking great in front of the camera.


Colorful Keyboard Top Frames

To take their elegant desk setup even further, these colorful top frames add even more personality to their GMMK PRO. It allows them to customize their board’s palette to match the rest of their layout.

Shop Keyboard Top Frames

GPBT Pastel Keycaps

Help them create Instagram-worthy, camera-ready, and scroll-stopping content with these colorful keycaps. Not only will they have fun with the customization process, their board is sure to shine in their videos.

Shop GPBT Keycaps

Coiled Keyboard Cables

This accessory doubles up as an organization hack and a vibrant addition to their layout. The cable’s coiled design prevents unwanted clutter by neatly taking up minimal space. Its colorful double braided sleeve and tight, springy coils are aesthetically-pleasing and built to last.

Shop Coiled Cables

For Gamers on the Go

If they travel often for work or play, or could benefit from space-saving devices, these portable products will make their life much easier.

We Recommend:

Model O- Wireless

The Model O gaming mouse is a Glorious bestseller. As one of the most highly regarded mice in the PC gaming community, it is also available wireless and in a smaller shell – the perfect hybrid between top-tier performance and easy-to-stow portability.

Shop Model O- Wireless

GMMK 2 Compact

As mentioned earlier in this list, you get the best value for your money with the GMMK 2. What’s more is that the compact edition, which is a 65% keyboard, is a perfect space-saving solution when you’re on the go and need to take your gear with you.

Shop GMMK 2

Glorious Mouse Case

This travel case fits all Glorious mice and most third-party mice. It’s designed for secure traveling thanks to its anti-jamming zipper, hard shell, adjustable strap, and wood interior to prevent scratches. It even has a pocket for accessories!

Shop Mouse Case

Glorious Keyboard Case

Convenient, sophisticated, and travel-friendly. This keyboard carrying case fits the GMMK PRO, the GMMK 2, and most 65% and 75% keyboards. Like the mouse case, this keyboard case has an anti-jamming zipper, hard shell, adjustable strap, accessory pocket, and wood interior to prevent scratches.

Shop Keyboard Carry Case

We hope this list helps you choose the perfect gift for the gamer in your life! If you are still unsure what to get, check out some of the holiday deals we are currently having.


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