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Haunted Horrors Sale at GOG

Horror games - we may not write about them often, but that doesn't mean we don't love them. In fact, we believe some of the best titles in the history of...

April 26, 2017 - 0 COMMENTS


The best game deals and bundles this week

Another week is coming to an end. For us, it means we got yet another chance to share the best game deals and bundles with you. And while some of the...

April 23, 2017 - 1 COMMENTS


The best Easter weekend sales

One of the things we love about the Easter holiday is that a lot of websites are running Easter weekend sales that are actually worth your time (and money). This year...

April 16, 2017 - 0 COMMENTS


An Ode to Supports

Are you the team member who comes to their allies’ aid and helps them out of a pickle whenever things get messy? Are you a humble and criminally underestimated support? Thousands...

April 14, 2017 - 0 COMMENTS


All the BAFTA Games Awards 2017 Winners

Video games come and go. Some of them offer us hours of pure entertainment, while others are nothing short of disappointing. Thankfully, there are ceremonies like the British Academy Video Game Awards...

April 07, 2017 - 0 COMMENTS


Mass Effect: Andromeda gets a huge patch on April 6

Mass Effect: Andromeda was released 2 weeks ago and has already been the subject of lots of praise, as well as criticism. And it seems that BioWare have been actively...

April 04, 2017 - 0 COMMENTS


Online Gaming - Smells Like Team Spirit

Online gaming has no equal in the world of video games. Competing with friends for a shared common goal can provide countless hours of fun. Whether you’re raiding in WoW, trying to destroy the...

March 31, 2017 - 0 COMMENTS