Newegg Shuffle: The Most Reliable Way to Get a New GPU

Glorious HQ

July 09, 2021

We've all done it. You wake up, check your YouTube inbox, and notice it's flooded with videos covering new GPU releases. Great, another graphics card you cannot buy due to stock shortages. It is a frustrating cycle that's been going on for years now. These shortages are primarily due to scalpers eagerly snatching up cards using bots, currency miners scooping up hundreds at a time, and the global pandemic disrupting manufacturing. How in the world can the average user eager to build their PC acquire one? We know of a webpage that may help.

Every so often, Newegg allows users to enroll in their Newegg Shuffle raffle program. Going to the site and logging into an account, you can choose which products you want to have the opportunity to purchase. Products in the Shuffle typically include new GPUs, CPUs, coolers, memory, and more. This selection process usually opens up between 9 AM and 11 AM PST.

However, the Shuffle is not a daily process as it relies on Newegg having the inventory in stock. So, regularly checking their social channels or website is the best way to make sure you never miss an opportunity. Once the Shuffle selection process closes, an email will notify users whether they were selected or not. If selected, you can purchase the product at retail price.

While the Newegg Shuffle is, of course, not a guarantee, and odds are honestly still low, it does provide an opportunity to circumvent scalpers and pesky bots. Regularly enrolling in the program will raise your chances to get the graphics card or CPU you've been chasing for years now, so don't give up. After many attempts, our Content Manager finally snagged a new 3090 using the Newegg Shuffle. Who knows? You could be the next!

For more information regarding the Shuffle, check out Newegg's FAQ on the program. Good luck and happy hunting!

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