Indie Gems: Otem's Defiance

Rashko Temelkovski

July 26, 2017

Is defying the Gods really worth it?

Otem's Defiance is all about quick reflexes. It will take you ~15 minutes to learn the basics. After that, it's all about you being able to run, dodge, jump, and counter-attack when the time is right. And most of the time, it's lots of fun!

Why you should play it

  • Perfect game to put your reflexes to the test
  • Simple gameplay that can easily get you hooked
  • Great art style and soundtrack
  • Lots of different totems and rings that give you a sense of progression when you successfully overcome them

What might put you off

  • If you prefer slow-paced games, Otem's Defiance has nothing to offer to you
  • The gameplay formula may seem too repetitive
  • Might make you rage at times

Plays similarly to

Any platformer / action game where death lurks around every corner

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