Become the Overseer of an Alien Settlement in No Man's Sky's 3.6 Update

Glorious Zach

September 01, 2021

Since its rocky release in 2016, No Man's Sky has improved leaps and bounds with its massive subsequent updates. Its most recent, Frontiers, aims to breathe a little more life into the galaxy with new settlements, structures, and even a cantina!

Update 3.6 puts the player in the shoes of the overseer for a procedurally generated settlement. Interiors, exteriors, town layouts, and villagers are all unique to each player. Unhappy with what the game created for you? You can overhaul nearly every aspect of your settlement with overhauled base-building tools.

No Man's Sky Construction Menu

In No Man's Sky's Frontier update, your role as the overseer extends past just buildings and other inanimate objects - villagers need attention too! You can throw festivals, decide what they should build, and fight off potential invaders who want to disrupt your quaint little settlement.

As fans of No Man's Sky for some time now, we are so excited to see the game receive such substantial support even half a decade later. The biggest issue with the game's initial release was the lack of a living, breathing world. Sure, there were animals and sparsely populated spaceports, but the game was nowhere near its current level.

No Man's Sky Outer Space

The update includes more than just settlements. 3.6 brings smaller quality of life updates like reworked menus, improved destruction effects, and more diverse space skyboxes. Additionally, the Steam version has finally received trading cards and player profile customization unlocks!

For more information about this exciting update, check out No Man's Sky's official website here. Let us know in the comments below how you feel about Update 3.6 - we would love to hear from a fellow space ranger!

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